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Homiah has created a unique line of sauces and spices with Southeast Asian heritage in mind. Providing customers with authentic flavors from countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, Homiah makes it easy to recreate traditional Nyonya or Peranakan recipes right in the United States...

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Homiah is a trusted online store that offers a wide selection of food, pantry, frozen foods, seasonings, sauces and oils...


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Homiah has created a unique line of sauces and spices with Southeast Asian heritage in mind. Providing customers with authentic flavors from countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, Homiah makes it easy to recreate traditional Nyonya or Peranakan recipes right in the United States. Whether you’re looking for keto, paleo, or gluten free simmer sauces, curry pastes and sambals, Homiah has you covered.

Spice Up Your Pantry with Homiah

Homiah allows you to bring a taste of Southeast Asia into your kitchen without having to travel across the world. With its range of products, you can easily create dishes like Singaporean Laksa, Indonesian Rendang and Malaysian Red Curry without breaking the bank. The best part? All of these recipes are made using premium ingredients so you know that what you’re putting on your plate is of the highest quality.

Shop Frozen Foods and Seasonings from Homiah

In addition to sauces and spices, Homiah also offers a selection of frozen foods such as dumplings and spring rolls so you can enjoy a full meal at home. You can also find all the seasonings needed to take your dishes up a notch including chilli flakes, turmeric powder and lemongrass paste. So whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or want to try something new, there's something for everyone at Homiah.

Get Creative with Sauces and Oils

Sauces are key when it comes to creating flavorful meals that will have everyone coming back for more. And when it comes to sauces, nobody does it better than Homiah! From Sambal Oelek to Kaffir Lime Coconut Cream Sauce, there's no shortage of options when it comes to enhancing your dishes. And don't forget about their selection of oils which include everything from Sesame Oil to Chilli Garlic Oil – perfect for adding heat or additional flavor to any dish! So if you're looking for an easy way to spice up your pantry with authentic Southeast Asian flavors, look no further than Homiah! With their wide variety of sauces and spices as well as frozen foods and seasonings, they make it easy to create delicious meals right at home – no passport required!


Homiah Boosts Ecommerce Sales with Store Locator Technology

Homiah, an ecommerce brand using the latest technology in store design, has tapped into Stockist Store Locator to increase its revenue in the food space. With their thoughtfully designed searchable map on their website, Homiah not only boosts sales at physical stores but also reduces customer support inquiries and builds trust in their brand. Customers can easily find retailers, dealers, and more with a simple yet insightful search. By leveraging this cutting edge technology, Homiah is ensuring that customers have access to all of their products no matter where they are located or what type of device they may be using.

Homiah Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Cross-Store Selling

As an ecommerce brand, Homiah is leveraging a revolutionary technology to increase its revenue in the frozen foods space. Carro connects top Shopify stores together and enables cross-store selling without physical inventory or minimum order quantities. This allows Homiah to sell products on leading stores as well as their own, while bringing existing suppliers and retailers into the mix. By taking advantage of this modern technology, Homiah is able to reach new customers and boost their bottom line.

Unlock Seasonings Revenue with Homiah's Automated Deals

As a leader in the seasonings space, Homiah has revolutionized their ecommerce revenue by utilizing Automatic Discounts & Gifts. This innovative technology allows them to extend Shopify discounts and trigger multiple offers based on cart contents or customer demographics. These automated deals can include gifts, upsells, and other custom promotions which help drive more sales while creating an engaging shopping experience for customers. By using this powerful tool, Homiah is able to unlock maximum potential from their seasonings products and fuel greater success!

How Homiah Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Junip Technology

Homiah is a leading ecommerce brand in the seasonings space. To increase revenue, the company has implemented Junip ‑ Product Reviews & UGC technology into its store design category. This advanced platform helps to gather, manage and display reviews quickly and easily while matching branding and CSS out of the box. Additionally, it is speed tested and mobile first so customers have an effortless experience on any device they choose to use. With this powerful tool, Homiah can boost engagement with existing customers while also acquiring new ones—helping them drive their ecommerce sales even further.

Homiah Uses Smart Technology for Enhanced ecommerce Experience

At Homiah, we understand the importance of offering customers an exceptional shopping experience. That's why our team has implemented Route ‑ Protection & Tracking - a comprehensive technology that combines package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability into one holistic customer journey. This innovative technology helps us increase sales in sauces and oils space while driving loyalty from single purchasers to lifelong customers. With Route’s network providing fast and accurate updates on their deliveries, customers can rest assured knowing they can track their order every step of the way - saving time and hassle. At Homiah, we are committed to making sure everyone enjoys a quality online shopping experience!

Homiah Sails Through to Increased Revenue with Technology

Homiah, an ecommerce brand in the frozen food space, has taken their business to new heights through leveraging technology. The brand recently implemented Triple Whale into their reporting category, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. With this powerful tool, Homiah is able to quickly answer questions like: did they make money today? What is their Store ROAS (Ad spend/Sales)? How many new subscribers do they have? And much more! This technology has allowed them to maximize their profits by making data-driven decisions that improve efficiency and drive sales. By utilizing this game-changing technology, Homiah has seen a significant increase in revenue for their frozen foods ecommerce store.

Grow Your Ecommerce Revenue with Homiah

Homiah is helping ecommerce brands reach new heights of success through their innovative VolumeBoost‑Volume Discount technology. This powerful tool allows users to launch discount campaigns that include numerous discount types, a cart-saving message, and import/export offers. That means businesses can take advantage of wholesale pricing opportunities, attract more customers, and reward existing ones – all while increasing order value! With this versatile platform at their fingertips, Homiah makes it easy for any business to boost revenue in the pantry space. Don't miss out on this unique chance to grow your ecommerce brand: check out Homiah today!

Homiah Revs Up ecommerce Revenue with Advanced Store Management Technology

As an online grocery store specializing in frozen foods, Homiah needed a way to quickly and effectively manage their shipments. After careful consideration, they chose Wonderment Post‑Purchase, an advanced store management technology that helps them find stalled shipments while gaining insight into delivery patterns and improving decisions. With this powerful tool at their disposal, Homiah has been able to increase its ecommerce revenue exponentially by streamlining the entire process from start to finish. Now customers can rest assured knowing their orders are arriving on time and as expected.