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Taste Portland's Nutrient-Rich Honey Mama's Bars!


Welcome to Honey Mama’s, Portland’s premier source of raw, nutrient-rich snacks...

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Conversion for Honey Mama's

Honey Mama's is a company that specializes in healthy, organic, vegan snack foods such as bars, cookies, and truffles...


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Welcome to Honey Mama’s, Portland’s premier source of raw, nutrient-rich snacks. Founded on the premise that indulging in guilt-free treats doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor and nutrition, their signature honey-cocoa bars bring together five simple natural ingredients for a snack that is as delicious as it is good for you. Crafted from raw food ingredients like raw honey, coconut oil, sprouted almonds, organic cacao and more, these bars pack an energizing punch of flavor and nutrition in every bite.

Raw Foods Redefined

At Honey Mama’s, they believe that being health conscious doesn't mean missing out on delicious snacks. That's why their honey-cocoa bars are made with only the freshest ingredients available. Every bar is crafted with raw foods like raw honey and coconut oil which are packed with vitamins and minerals that help our bodies stay healthy. They also use sprouted almonds to provide additional protein while organic cacao adds a rich flavor that enhances the taste of the bar without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Honey Mama’s takes pride in providing snacks that everyone can enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions or allergies. All of their products are gluten free and dairy free to ensure that no one has to miss out on enjoying the deliciousness of their bars. Not only are they free from dairy and gluten but they are also soy free and paleo friendly making them a great option for those following a strict diet plan or just trying to maintain healthier eating habits overall.

Non-GMO & Alkalizing

Honey Mama’s is committed to ensuring that all of its products are made without any genetically modified ingredients (non-GMO). They want customers to feel confident about what they put into their body and rest assured knowing that all of their products have been certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project Verified organization. Additionally, each bar contains alkaline forming minerals which helps restore balance within your body while nourishing it at the same time! By combining natural ingredients with thoughtful preparation methods, Honey Mama's has created a line of nutrient-rich snacks sure to satisfy even the pickiest palate. Whether you're looking for an energizing snack in between meals or just something delicious to indulge in during your downtime - Honey Mama's has got you covered!

Honey Mama's

Honey Mama's Sweetens Revenue with Orderify

The pantry space is a competitive market, and Honey Mama's has found success in managing their orders and shipping process. By utilizing the technology of Orderify, Honey Mama's can improve customer experiences by allowing them to edit and cancel orders on their own as well as easily reorder previous purchases. This streamlined approach lets customers feel more confident about buying from Honey Mama's while keeping costs low for the company. With this clever use of cutting-edge tech, Honey Mama’s will continue to sweeten revenue gains in the pantry space.

Honey Mama's Harnessing the Power of Reviews to Boost Revenue

Honey Mama's, an ecommerce brand in the pantry space, has been using a technology called Product Reviews as part of its sales and conversion optimization strategy. By leveraging customer feedback, they are able to give shoppers all the information they need when making purchase decisions. This ultimately helps Honey Mama’s boost their online revenue by providing customers with detailed reviews from other buyers who have already used the products. With this valuable data at hand, potential buyers can make informed decisions about what product is best for them before committing to any purchases. As a result, Honey Mama's is seeing a positive impact on their business by utilizing Product Reviews as part of their sales and conversion optimization process.

Boosting Pantry Revenue with Stamped Product Reviews UGC

Honey Mama's takes their ecommerce store design to the next level by implementing Stamped Product Reviews & UGC. This technology gives Honey Mama's customers access to reviews, photo and video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Community Q&A, Checkout Reviews, and more. With these features in place, shoppers can get insight into products before making a purchase decision. Additionally, Honey Mama's is able to moderate and comment on reviews for extra customer service. These comprehensive product review tools help increase revenue in the pantry space while maintaining an enjoyable user experience that aligns perfectly with the brand image of Honey Mama's.

Honey Mama's Sells Sweetly with Warnify Pro

Honey Mama's, the ecommerce brand in the pantry space, is using a technology called Warnify Pro Warnings to increase their revenue. With this store management solution, Honey Mama's can easily alert customers of any possible shipping delays or holiday lockdowns while also ensuring that all orders are correct and accurate. It helps keep their support team relaxed so they can focus on other important tasks. The result? More satisfied customers, more efficient operations - and more sweet success for Honey Mama's!

Honey Mama's Sweetens Up eCommerce with AIML Technology

Honey Mama's, an ecommerce brand in the pantry space, is taking their customer experience to the next level. Through leveraging a technology called Rebuy Personalization Engine, they are able to use modern software and industry-leading integrations to create fully-customizable merchandising rules for shoppers. This allows them to curate completely personalized experiences that drive revenue across all stages of the customer journey from initial browsing to post purchase. With this personalization engine, Honey Mama’s can provide customers with unique shopping experiences tailored just for them - making sure everyone leaves feeling sweetly satisfied!

Mama's Got a New Tool for Ecommerce Success

Honey Mama's, the popular ecommerce brand in the food space, is using a revolutionary technology called Slide Cart & Cart Drawer ‑ TCC to increase their revenue. This innovative tool replaces the default cart page with an on-page enhanced version and makes it accessible from anywhere on Honey Mama's site. With this new system, they are able to add cross sell or upsell features that look great on any theme. Thanks to this cutting edge technology, Honey Mama's can now efficiently maximize their profits while providing customers with an easy shopping experience.

Honey Mama's Revenues Soar with Subscription Management Solution

Fusing the convenience of ecommerce with a personalized customer experience, Honey Mama’s is utilizing Recharge, the leading subscription management solution, to optimize their pantry sales. With this cutting edge technology, customers are able to fully manage their subscriptions directly from the store and enjoy products tailored specifically for them on a regular basis. The user friendly platform allows users to choose what they want, when they want it and how often; making shopping easier than ever before! Honey Mama’s is capitalizing off its revolutionary subscription service by providing an enhanced buying experience that keeps shoppers coming back time after time. This innovative approach has enabled Honey Mama’s to build loyal relationships with its customers while increasing online revenue in the pantry space.

Honey Mama's: Automated Pantry Revenue Boost

For the pantry space, Honey Mama's ecommerce brand has seen a boost in revenue thanks to Seguno's marketing automation technology. By using Shopify and Seguno together, Honey Mama’s is able to reduce manual tasks associated with running their online store, including creating campaigns that are tailored specifically for their customers. This streamlined system allows them to focus on providing excellent customer service while also increasing sales from the pantry category of their ecommerce business. The automated process helps create efficient workflows that help Honey Mamas make sure they always have what customers need when they want it. With this powerful combination of tools, Honey Mama's can ensure an optimal shopping experience with increased profits across all categories within their online store."