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Jinx, based in Los Angeles, is an emerging pet food maker that specializes in healthy, functional foods and treats for dogs. Their mission is to provide high quality meals and snacks that are both satisfying and good for your pup...

Jinx is an online pet supply store that specializes in providing the highest quality pet food, supplements and products. They are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue and optimize conversion on their website...


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Jinx, based in Los Angeles, is an emerging pet food maker that specializes in healthy, functional foods and treats for dogs. Their mission is to provide high quality meals and snacks that are both satisfying and good for your pup. They source their ingredients from trusted sources and create recipes that meet strict nutritional standards.

Clean Ingredients

Jinx uses clean ingredients like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to create delicious dog food that meets the most discerning canine palate. All of their products are free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Quality Nutrition

The nutrition behind each of Jinx’s products is carefully crafted using functional foods. Each recipe provides essential nutrition to promote overall health and wellbeing in dogs of all sizes and ages. From senior pups to active adults, their recipes contain a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to meet individual needs without sacrificing flavor.

Variety of Products

Jinx’s product line includes kibble-based meals as well as grain-free options for sensitive stomachs. They also offer wet food entrees in single serve containers as well as a variety of treats like jerky strips, dental chews, biscuits and rawhide bones.

Serving Dogs Everywhere By providing premium pet food made from clean ingredients at affordable prices, Jinx has become a leader in the pet industry. Their commitment to quality has earned them many loyal customers throughout Los Angeles and beyond who trust them to provide only the best for their furry family members.

Jinx Boosts eCommerce Revenue With ShipScout AB Test Shipping

Jinx, an ecommerce brand in the pet food space, is embracing technology to increase their revenue. They are using a unique solution called ShipScout ‑ A/B Test Shipping which enables them to test different shipping rates and free shipping thresholds. The power of this feature allows merchants to customize any component of the ordering and shipping process for maximum customer satisfaction. Jinx has seen exponential growth by taking advantage of this innovative solution; it helps them find the most effective price point that encourages customers to buy more. With ShipScout ‑ A/B Test Shipping, Jinx can now reach new heights with their online sales!

Jinx Doubles Revenue with Tracking Technology

Jinx, an ecommerce brand specializing in pet supplements, has found success with the use of LeadsRx Attribution Monitor. This groundbreaking technology allows them to track marketing touchpoints and revenue so they can easily identify which channels are driving bigger orders and new buyers. Jinx's decision to utilize this tracking system has more than doubled their ecommerce profits since its implementation. With real data that proves one channel is performing better than another, Jinx continues to increase their sales and expand their customer base.

Jinx Takes Pet Ecommerce to the Next Level with AdRoll Marketing Advertising

Jinx, an ecommerce brand in the pets space, has taken it up a notch and is now leveraging AdRoll Marketing & Advertising technology to increase their revenue. This multi-channel marketing & advertising platform simplifies complex campaigns through easy-to-use targeting, asset management, performance reporting across all channels - email, display, native and social networks — into one unified omnichannel solution. With Jinx's adoption of AdRoll's solutions combined with their own expertise in ecommerce for pet products, they are well positioned for success in this competitive market.

Jinx Does it Again: Boosting Ecommerce Revenue with Smart Solutions

Jinx, the ecommerce brand for pet food, continues to raise the bar when it comes to store management. The team recently implemented Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat technology to increase their revenue and provide more tailored customer experiences. With this platform, Jinx is able to centralize orders and conversations in one convenient location. Plus, customers can get instant answers via self-service resources or dynamic Macros that reduce checkout friction. This innovative solution has allowed Jinx to boost their ecommerce sales while providing an improved user experience - a win/win!

Jinx Pet Supplements: Boosting Ecommerce Revenue with Customer Reviews

As an ecommerce brand, Jinx understands the importance of customer feedback in driving sales. To this end, they have implemented a technology called Product Reviews to their store design category. This extension creates and collects detailed customer reviews for each product that customers can consult before making the purchase decision. With Jinx's Product Reviews system, potential buyers are able to make more informed decisions based on other people's opinion instead of relying solely on general marketing materials or descriptions. As such, it allows Jinx to increase their ecommerce revenue within pet supplements space by providing customers with reliable information about products and services offered.

Jinx Unleashes Power of Gratitude to Boost Pet Food Sales

Jinx, the leading ecommerce brand in pet food sales, has taken customer satisfaction to a new level with Smile technology. This innovative tool allows customers to express their gratitude for Jinx's products and services by using emojis. With this unique marketing strategy, Jinx is able to gather more positive feedback from its customers while also increasing revenue. By giving customers an easy way to show appreciation, they are encouraged to purchase again and continue buying Jinx’s pet goods. As a result of incorporating Smile into their store design strategy, Jinx has seen remarkable success in the pet food space.

Jinx Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Rewards Program

For Jinx, an ecommerce brand specializing in pet supplements, staying ahead of the competition means finding innovative ways to increase revenue. That's why they've turned to Loyalty & Rewards technology. This cutting-edge system offers a free trial and allows users to pay for only what they need as their business grows. With automated welcome emails and transaction email templates, it takes no time at all to start reaping the rewards from this powerful marketing tool. By leveraging Loyalty & Rewards, Jinx has been able to boost their online sales by offering shoppers exclusive discounts tailored just for them. Give your ecommerce store the edge over competitors - try out Loyalty & Rewards today!

Jinx Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Store Locator Technology

Jinx, an ecommerce pet supplements brand, has taken their store design game to the next level by implementing a technology called Stockist Store Locator. This thoughtful solution helps Jinx increase in-store sales and build trust in their brand, while reducing customer support inquiries. The easy-to-use map allows customers to quickly search for stores that carry Jinx's products through insightful filters like location or product type. The dynamic interface is designed to enhance the shopping experience and help shoppers find precisely what they're looking for, wherever it may be available. Thanks to Stockist Store Locator, Jinx now makes shopping much easier for its customers - resulting in increased revenue from both online and offline purchases. With this powerful tool at their disposal, Jinx is sure to continue pushing boundaries when it comes to providing excellent service and convenience on their website.

Jinx Transforms Pet Food Shopping Experience with Recharge Subscriptions

For Jinx, a renowned ecommerce brand in the pet food space, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience is paramount. To that end, they have recently implemented Recharge Subscriptions technology to optimize their offerings and increase revenue. This powerful platform offers scalability for growing businesses, customization capabilities to create tailored subscription experiences, and full integration into existing store systems. With this cutting edge solution from Recharge, Jinx has successfully revolutionized pet food shopping for its loyal customer base.