Healthy Treats from Joydays: LA's Bakery for Wellness.
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Joydays is a Los Angeles-based bakery that offers healthier alternatives to traditional snacks and treats...

Joydays' Strategies to Increase Revenue, Optimize Conversion, and Acquire Customers in the Food, Health and Wellness, Bakery, Snacks and Bars Vertical

Joydays is an online marketplace focused on providing customers with a wide selection of food, health and wellness items...


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Joydays is a Los Angeles-based bakery that offers healthier alternatives to traditional snacks and treats. Founded with the goal of providing delicious, sugar-controlled treats for those with diabetes or other health conditions, Joydays offers a wide variety of low sugar, low glycemic, high fiber cookies and other snacks that can help people manage their blood sugar levels without sacrificing taste.

Healthier Alternatives To Sweet Treats

At Joydays, they believe everyone should be able to enjoy sweet treats without having to worry about spikes in their blood sugar levels. They offer a range of cookies and bars made with natural sweeteners like honey and agave nectar as well as whole grains like oat flour and almond meal. All products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. Whether you’re looking for something to snack on during the day or a special treat to reward yourself after a long week--Joydays has you covered!

Low Sugar & High Fiber Snacks For Everyone

Joydays' commitment to making healthier options for all goes beyond just providing tasty snacks for people with diabetes or other health concerns--they want everyone to have access to healthy snacks! Their products are designed not only to provide great taste but also keep your body fueled throughout the day thanks to their high fiber content. Every snack is packed with wholesome ingredients like flaxseed meal, chia seeds, coconut flakes and more so you know you're getting quality nutrition in every bite.

Visit Joydays Today!

If you’re looking for an alternative way to enjoy sweets without worrying about your blood sugar level spiking, then give Joydays a try today! With their selection of delicious low-sugar cookies and bars made with natural sweeteners and wholesome ingredients like oats, flaxseed meal and coconut flakes--you won't be disappointed by what they have in store for you! Visit them online at or head over to one of their physical locations in Los Angeles today!


Joydays Takes Bakery Ecommerce to the Next Level

Joydays, an ecommerce brand, is taking bakery ecommerce sales to the next level with its use of Handshake for Suppliers. This technology allows Joydays to discover and order unique products from professional quality brands that have been carefully curated by Shopify. With this integrated platform, Joydays can manage all their products, orders, and buyers in one convenient place. Approved retailers will benefit from having complete ownership over their product offerings on the site. By using Handshake for Suppliers, Joydays has become a leader in providing customers with high quality bakery items online.

Joydays Serves Up Ecommerce Success with Shopify Inbox

When it comes to ecommerce success, Joydays is no slouch. The brand has used a technology called Shopify Inbox in their marketing and conversion strategies to help boost revenue in the food space - and customers are noticing. With Shopify Inbox, Joydays can easily chat with customers as they shop across many channels; up to 70% of these conversations have resulted in purchases! Plus, by leveraging customer data such as products viewed, what’s in their cart and past orders during chats, Joydays staff gain valuable insights that allow them to better serve customers. It's clear that when it comes to making sure shoppers get everything they need for an enjoyable online shopping experience, Joydays knows how to deliver.

Joydays Captures Online Success with Instafeed

As an ecommerce brand in the health and wellness space, Joydays is seeing tremendous success through their use of technology. One such tool that has been especially helpful for increasing revenue is Instafeed - Instagram Feed. This innovative platform allows them to add minimal and elegant feeds from Instagram directly to their store in less than one minute. These feeds include photos and Reels which help build social proof, convert visitors into customers, and create a more engaging shopping experience overall. By integrating this powerful technology into their marketing strategy, Joydays can't help but reap the rewards when it comes to online sales and customer satisfaction.

Joydays Harnesses the Power of Referrals to Increase Revenue

The ecommerce brand Joydays is leveraging SC Conjured Referrals, a powerful technology in the marketing and conversion category, to help boost its revenue in the health and wellness space. With this tool, Joydays can reward their loyal fans with customized referral programs that build trust through transparency and increase word-of-mouth marketing. Through providing an easy way for customers to refer friends and family members to Joydays products, they are able to quickly expand their reach into new audiences and deepen customer loyalty. With these tactics in place, Joydays is well-positioned to drive more sales from existing customers while attracting potential buyers from outside sources.

Joydays Rocks the Ecommerce Space with Recharge Subscriptions

Joydays, an ecommerce brand in the food space, is revolutionizing its business model by leveraging Recharge Subscriptions. This subscription management solution enables Joydays to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers and increase revenue from the food category. With this technology, Joydays can easily create a customized subscription experience for their customers. Customers are able to manage their subscriptions directly through the store portal, making it easy to keep track of orders and reorder items when necessary. By utilizing Recharge Subscription's scalable capabilities, Joydays is well on its way to becoming a top player in the ecommerce market.