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JuneShine is a San Diego-based craft beverage company specializing in better-for-you alcoholic drinks. Their products are sustainably brewed with organic ingredients and a dose of probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants...

JuneShine is a drink, cocktails and liquor company that is focused on providing a range of high-quality beverages. The company has made efforts to increase revenue, optimize conversion, and acquire customers through their website...


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JuneShine is a San Diego-based craft beverage company specializing in better-for-you alcoholic drinks. Their products are sustainably brewed with organic ingredients and a dose of probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants. They offer an array of delicious hard kombuchas and canned cocktails with an ABV range of 6 to 10%.

Refreshingly Real Hard Kombucha

JuneShine's hard kombucha is brewed with real fruits and herbs for a lightly sweetened and flavorful drinking experience. They have several unique flavors like jalapeño pineapple, hibiscus ginger lime, and acai yerba mate. Each flavor is verified organic, gluten free, vegan friendly, and contains billions of beneficial probiotics. Whether you’re looking for something light or something bolder in flavor, JuneShine has something for everyone!

Craft Cocktails Packed with Flavor

If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy your favorite craft cocktails without the hassle of mixing up each individual drink at home - then JuneShine has got you covered! Their canned cocktails come in 8 different varieties including margarita, mojito, gin & tonic, old fashioned, Paloma, Moscow mule - all made from real ingredients like lime juice, mint leaves and juniper berries. Plus – they only contain 80– 120 calories per can so you can indulge in your favorite cocktails without any guilt!

Sustainability You Can Taste

At JuneShine they believe that good food should always be made with the utmost respect for the environment. That’s why they use sustainable brewing practices combined with eco-friendly packaging solutions such as cans made from recycled aluminum. Each can also includes a unique QR code which allows customers to trace their product back to its source – empowering them to make informed decisions about the food they purchase while supporting local farmers who use sustainable growing practices. From hard kombucha to canned cocktails – JuneShine has crafted delicious alcoholic beverages made with real ingredients that are better for you than other leading brands on the market today. Whether it’s a night out or just simply unwinding after a long day – next time reach for a refreshingly real drink from JuneShine!


JuneShine's Secret Sauce for Ecommerce Success: Product Reviews UGC

JuneShine has found success in the cocktails and liquor ecommerce space thanks to its innovative use of technology. At the heart of JuneShine's growth lies Product Reviews & UGC, a powerful tool that allows them to boost their online sales by gathering authentic customer content. This User Generated Content (UGC) marketing platform enables JuneShine to curate reviews, photos, videos and Q&As from real customers, increasing trust among users and driving more conversions. With this secret sauce working behind the scenes, JuneShine can continue on its path towards successful ecommerce domination.

JuneShine Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Cutting Edge AIML Tech

JuneShine, the rising ecommerce brand in the cocktails and liquor space, is utilizing a technology called Rebuy Personalization Engine to increase their revenue. By combining highly advanced AI/ML technology with modern software and industry-leading integrations, JuneShine can power up data-driven shopping experiences that span from homepage to checkout and beyond. With more personalized customer journeys comes higher conversion rates, making it easier for JuneShine to reach its goals while delighting customers throughout every step of their journey. By embracing cutting edge technologies like Rebuy Personalization Engine, JuneShine is ensuring they stay ahead of competitors in this rapidly changing digital landscape.

JuneShine Boosts Ecommerce Revenue With Subscriptions

JuneShine, the premier ecommerce brand in the cocktail and liquor space, is leveraging Skio Subscriptions (YC S20) to increase their revenue. JuneShine has partnered with top brands like Liquid I.V., Bulletproof, SmartyPants Vitamins, Bev, Muddy Bites, Fly By Jing, Geologie, Immi, KraveBeauty & more to bring customers subscription products they love. This partnership was made possible thanks to $7.4M investment from Y Combinator & other investors. Now subscribers can conveniently purchase cocktails and liquor online without having to worry about restocking or running out of product. With this technology JuneShine will be able to offer a wide selection of subscription services that cater specifically to each customer’s needs; all while increasing their ecommerce revenues!

JuneShine Achieves Financial Success with Technology

JuneShine has seen tremendous success in the drink space thanks to their use of Triple Whale, a powerful ecommerce technology. Triple Whale provides detailed insights into JuneShine's finances including store ROAS (Ad spend/Sales), Facebook ROAS and more, giving them an edge over other brands. With this sophisticated system in place, JuneShine can track new subscribers daily and make informed decisions that result in increased revenue. The innovative technology also offers automated customer service solutions so they can respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries. By taking advantage of this state-of-the-art tool, JuneShine’s financial future is looking brighter than ever before.