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Kin Euphorics is an Austin-based company that offers non-alcoholic beverages and spirits that promote mental health. Founded by Jen Batchelor and Bella Hadid, Kin Euphorics has created a new category of drinks that provide a fresh alternative to alcohol...



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Kin Euphorics is an Austin-based company that offers non-alcoholic beverages and spirits that promote mental health. Founded by Jen Batchelor and Bella Hadid, Kin Euphorics has created a new category of drinks that provide a fresh alternative to alcohol.

Kin's Inspiration

Inspired by the idea of getting “buzzed” without drinking, Kin Euphorics was founded to provide a healthier experience for those looking to enjoy their night without taking risks associated with drinking alcohol. The company believes in nourishing the body while still having fun - something that is often hard to do when consuming alcohol.

What Does Kin Offer?

Kin Euphorics offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and spirits designed to promote relaxation, creativity, and energy. Each drink contains natural ingredients such as adaptogens, nootropics, herbs, spices, and essential oils. The goal of these ingredients is to provide an experience similar to one you might have from drinking alcohol - but without the negative effects associated with it.
The company also offers several different flavors to choose from - each offering its own unique benefits. From their flagship product "High Rhode", which helps increase focus and clarity; to their "Dream Light" beverage which promotes relaxation and sleep; there's something for everyone at Kin!

Where Can I Find Kin?

Kin Euphorics can be found in stores across the United States as well as online through their website. They offer subscription services so customers can get their favorite drinks delivered right to their door on a regular basis - perfect for those who want to make sure they never run out of supply! They also offer special discounts for bulk orders and refer-a-friend rewards so customers can share the love with their friends.

Why Choose Kin?

Kin Euphorics is committed to creating products that are both delicious and healthy - all while still providing an enjoyable experience for its users. By combining natural ingredients such as adaptogens, nootropics, herbs, spices, and essential oils into each drink - they strive not only for taste but also for health benefits as well! This makes them stand out from other non-alcoholic beverage companies who may not use such high quality ingredients or offer the same range of benefits. Additionally, with subscription services available it's easy for customers to keep stocked up on their favorite drinks without having to worry about running out or reordering every time they need more!
So if you're looking for a fun way to enjoy your night without risking negative consequences - try out one (or more!) of Kin's delicious drinks today! With natural ingredients packed into each sip - you won't regret it!

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Subscription Management Solution

Kin Euphorics, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, is leveraging a powerful technology called Recharge Subscriptions to boost its revenue. This solution allows businesses to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers by offering them customizable and integrated subscription experiences. With this technology, Kin Euphorics can create engaging customer experiences that keep consumers coming back for more. Plus, it's easy to use and helps brands scale their subscription business from the ground up. So if you're looking for a way to increase your online sales revenue quickly and efficiently, look no further than Kin Euphorics - they've got you covered!

Kin Euphorics Boosts Non-Alcoholic Spirits Revenue with Cozy AntiTheft

Kin Euphorics, an ecommerce brand in the non-alcoholic spirits space, is using a technology called Cozy AntiTheft to increase its revenue. This store management solution prevents image theft and duplication of content, which helps search engines like Google recognize originality and enhances Kin Euphorics's online presence. As Cozy AntiTheft also provides a secure platform for customers to shop on, it gives Kin Euphorics a competitive edge as they deliver quality products while protecting their intellectual property rights. The added convenience of shopping securely further drives sales growth for this dynamic ecommerce business.

Kin Euphorics Boosts Revenue with Geolocation Technology

Kin Euphorics is leveraging the power of technology to increase its ecommerce revenue in the drink space. The brand has adopted a Geolocation app, which allows them to recommend users their best country and language based on browser preferences and location. This shows up as a bar or popup, making it easy for customers to change countries and languages when needed. By using this intuitive tool, Kin Euphorics ensures that visitors can get an optimal shopping experience without having to waste time searching through pages. With Geolocation technology providing real-time recommendations tailored to individual tastes, Kin Euphorics is well-positioned to maximize online sales and build customer loyalty.

Kin Euphorics Boosts Revenue with Smart Quizzes Surveys

Kin Euphorics, an ecommerce brand in the non-alcoholic spirits space, is leveraging smart quiz and survey technology to increase their revenue. Through Octane AI's quizzing feature, customers are able to answer questions that determine what product would best suit their needs - providing a personalized experience tailored specifically for them. This allows Kin Euphorics to better connect with customer preferences while also increasing sales. By using this innovative technology, Kin Euphorics has been able to boost engagement, conversion rates and ultimately revenue across all channels of their ecommerce business.

Kin Euphorics' Proactive Ecommerce Revenue Solution

Kin Euphorics is an ecommerce brand that understands the importance of staying ahead of the competition and has implemented a technology called Route ‑ Protection & Tracking to increase their non-alcoholic spirits revenue. This store management tool combines package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability into one holistic customer experience. It helps Kin Euphorics move beyond simple email and SMS marketing strategies by leveraging the customers who are already using the Route network for package tracking. As a result, single purchasers have become lifelong customers, generating increased sales and loyalty from existing customers. With this powerful system in place, Kin Euphorics continues to stay at the forefront of ecommerce success in the non-alcoholic spirits space.

Kin Euphorics Drinks Up Revenue with Skio Subscriptions

Kin Euphorics, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, has found success leveraging a technology called Skio Subscriptions (YC S20). As one of many brands to join this rapidly growing platform, Kin Euphorics is seeing increased online revenue. With a $7.4M investment from Y Combinator and other investors, companies like Liquid I.V., Bulletproof, SmartyPants Vitamins, Bev, Muddy Bites, Fly By Jing, Geologie, Immi and KraveBeauty are also part of the subscription model platform. Through using Skio Subscription’s advanced features such as automated delivery scheduling and customizable billing options for customers—it's no wonder that Kin Euphorics continues to boost sales!

Kin Euphorics Increases Ecommerce Revenue With Store Locator Technology

Kin Euphorics, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, has increased its revenue by using a technology called Stockist Store Locator. The store locator feature helps customers to easily find the nearest Kin Euphorics retailers and dealers. By making it easier for customers to locate their closest stores, this innovative technology not only boosts customer satisfaction but also reduces inquiries from customer support teams. In addition, the thoughtfully designed store map builds trust in the Kin Euphorics brand while providing insightful search functionality that allows customers to easily filter through available locations. Thanks to Stockist Store Locator technology, Kin Euphorics is now able to increase its ecommerce revenue with greater ease.

Kin Euphorics Powers Up Ecommerce Revenue with Advanced Loyalty Platform

When Kin Euphorics, a non-alcoholic spirits ecommerce brand, wanted to increase their revenue and customer loyalty, they turned to an advanced loyalty platform. Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards was the perfect choice for them, providing more than 20 out of the box campaigns designed to drive transactions and engagement. Through detailed program analytics, customers can understand consumer behavior better than ever before. With this powerful technology Kin Euphorics is ready to take its online store to unprecedented heights!

Kin Euphorics Takes Customer Relationships to the Next Level with Zendesk

At Kin Euphorics, we understand that customer relationships are key to our success in the drink space. That's why we have implemented a store management technology known as Zendesk, which arms our agents with all the information they need when replying to customer inquiries without having to leave the conversation. This allows them to focus on building strong customer relationships and resolving inquiries more quickly, helping us increase our ecommerce revenue while providing customers with an excellent experience. With Zendesk, Kin Euphorics is taking customer relationships to the next level!