Klora: Camden's Gut-Mind-Body Solution.

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Klora is a health supplement company that aims to provide the right balance of gut, mind and body for customers. Based in Camden, Klora offers unique formulas containing prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients that help restore the natural balance of your body...

Klora is taking a comprehensive approach to increasing revenue, optimizing conversions, and acquiring customers in the Gut Health, Supplements, Sleep, Immunity, Stress, and Recovery verticals. Their website, getklora...


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Klora is a health supplement company that aims to provide the right balance of gut, mind and body for customers. Based in Camden, Klora offers unique formulas containing prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients that help restore the natural balance of your body. Founded by experts in nutrition and biology, Klora has developed an all-in-one solution for achieving human homeostasis.

Achieving Human Homeostasis with Prebiotic and Postbiotic Ingredients

Klora's main product is a single supplement designed to restore balance for your gut, mind, and body. The formula contains prebiotics – nutrients that nourish beneficial bacteria – as well as postbiotics – active compounds produced by probiotic bacteria. These two elements work together to improve digestion, enhance immunity, reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and promote recovery from exercise or illness.

Supporting Optimal Gut Health

The foundation of Klora's formulation is their focus on supporting optimal gut health. With ingredients like psyllium husk powder, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), acacia gum fiber and apple pectin fiber, the supplement helps to replenish beneficial bacteria in the gut while promoting regularity, nutrient absorption and overall digestive health. In addition to these key nutrients, Klora also includes a blend of vitamins (A, C & E) minerals (zinc & iron) herbs (turmeric & ginger) amino acids (glutamine & taurine) enzymes (protease & amylase), probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium bifidum) and other plant-based ingredients for added support.

Restoring Balance for Mind & Body

In addition to promoting balanced gut health, Klora's formula also provides many benefits for both mind and body. Studies have shown that having healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut can have positive effects on mood and cognitive function as well as reduce stress levels. The combination of pre-and postbiotic ingredients also helps regulate hormones which can contribute to improved sleep patterns while enhancing nutrient absorption which aids in muscle recovery after workouts or injury rehabilitation. Additionally, regular use of Klora supplements can help boost immunity against illnesses such as colds or infections while providing anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain or discomfort associated with chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Get Balanced with Klora Health Supplements

Klora is dedicated to helping individuals achieve human homeostasis through their unique line of pre-and postbiotic supplements. With their scientifically formulated products tailored specifically to restore balance for your gut mind and body; customers can experience profound impacts on mood energy levels performance longevity and more! For those looking to make positive changes in their life; look no further than Klora Health Supplements!


Klora Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Shipping Protection

Klora, the leading ecommerce brand in the gut health space, has increased revenue by utilizing Navidium's self-service platform for shipping protection. This innovative technology allows Klora to create a self-funded shipping protection plan and manage claims from customers directly. With this solution, Klora keeps 100% of what is collected while avoiding any overhead costs associated with insurance companies or underwriters. By taking advantage of Navidium's cutting-edge tools and features, Klora is able to provide its customers with an unparalleled shopping experience while simultaneously boosting their own ecommerce profits.

Klora Steps Up Its Immunity Game with Quiz Surveys Technology

Klora, an ecommerce brand that specializes in immunity products and supplements, has recently implemented Octane.ai Quiz & Surveys technology into its store design to increase revenue. This innovative tech allows customers to answer questions about their needs and be shown the best product(s) available for them. As a result of this personalized experience, Klora's sales have seen an uptick due to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. With Octane AI Quiz & Surveys on board, Klora is sure to keep boosting its success in the immunity space.

Klora Harnesses the Power of Stamped Product Reviews UGC to Bolster Stress Relief Ecommerce Revenue

Klora, a leading ecommerce brand in the stress space, has implemented Stamped Product Reviews & UGC technology into its marketing and conversion strategies. This powerful tool helps Klora increase their revenue by providing high-converting product reviews, NPS scores, photo and video reviews, an Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Community Q&A features, Checkout Reviews options and more – all customizable to fit the brand’s needs. Customers can easily access these verified customer experiences onsite with display widgets that are easy to moderate or comment on for even greater accessibility. With this comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically for ecommerce brands like Klora, it’s no wonder they have seen such success in harnessing the power of user generated content!

Klora Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with AIML Technology

Klora, a leading ecommerce brand in the gut health space, recently implemented an innovative technology called Rebuy Personalization Engine to increase their revenue. This advanced solution combines proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with modern software and industry-leading integrations. Moreover, it allows Klora to provide customers with fully customizable shopping experiences throughout the entire customer journey from homepage to checkout and beyond - ultimately boosting sales. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, Klora is now able to stay ahead of the competition by providing its customers with an enhanced experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Klora Maximizes Ecommerce Revenue Through Innovative Upsells

Klora, an ecommerce brand in the gut health space, is leveraging a technology called ReConvert Upsell & Cross sell to maximize their profits. With ReConvert, Klora can easily add one click upsells, in cart upsells and discounted upsells to their checkout and thank you pages to increase average order value (AOV) and boost revenue. Additionally, with ReConvert's post purchase upsell funnel, Klora can collect customer birthdays and incentivize customers for additional purchases. As such, Klora has found success using this innovative marketing and conversion tool that helps them optimize their ecommerce business performance.

Klora Goes Subscriptions: Boosting Ecommerce Revenue

Klora, an ecommerce brand in the gut health space, has implemented a technology called Recharge Subscriptions to increase their revenue. Recharge is a subscription management solution that helps brands turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Klora's use of Recharge allows them to grow their subscription business and enable customers to manage their subscriptions directly from the store. With customizable features, Klora can create the perfect experience for their subscribers without having to worry about integration issues. Thanks to this powerful tool, Klora is now able to maximize its ecommerce potential and build on its success in the gut health space.

Klora Enhances Ecommerce with Wishlist Plus

Klora, an ecommerce brand, is leveraging the power of technology to increase their revenue in the sleep space. With Wishlist Plus, customers are able to bookmark their favorite products and can easily pick up where they left off when they return. It even syncs activity across devices for a seamless shopping experience on mobile apps. Furthermore, powerful event-triggered email campaigns via ESPs help them reach more people. In addition, Klora's customers can share lists through email, text message and social media while sales and customer service teams benefit from collaboration features that help convert leads into conversions. Wishlist Plus provides Klora with the right tools to enhance their online presence and boost profits in the sleep space.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with Klora and Triple Whale

Klora, an ecommerce brand, has been leveraging the power of technology to improve their online business success. With the help of Triple Whale's reporting capabilities, Klora is able to get powerful insights into how their customers are interacting with their site and provide more targeted campaigns for maximum return on investment. Using this data to optimize ad spend and store ROAS (ad spend/sales) as well as track new subscribers, Klora can maximize its growth in the supplements space. By using advanced analytics tools such as Triple Whale's reporting features, Klora is able to increase ecommerce revenue while staying ahead of the competition. Get ready to make more money today with Klora and Triple Whale!