Comfort Meets Style: Knix in New York

At Knix, they design comfortable wireless bras and leak-proof seamless underwear that make you feel your best. Based in New York, their mission is to create amazing products that focus on comfort and fashion, all while taking care of the environment...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion and Acquiring Customers with Knix

Knix is a clothing and underwear retailer that is dedicated to transforming the way women feel about themselves...


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At Knix, they design comfortable wireless bras and leak-proof seamless underwear that make you feel your best. Based in New York, their mission is to create amazing products that focus on comfort and fashion, all while taking care of the environment. Their range of underwear, clothing and loungewear are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort while looking great.

Style Meets Comfort

Knix's unique designs have been featured in some major publications, like Vogue and The New York Times. With a wide variety of sizes available from XS to 4X, Knix makes sure there is something for everyone. They use sustainable materials such as bamboo rayon and modal for their garments which helps minimize environmental impact.

Wireless Bras & Leakproof Underwear

Knix's wireless bras are designed with comfort in mind - they provide support without any wires or bands digging into your skin. Their leak-proof seamless underwear is perfect for any active lifestyle - no more worrying about embarrassing leaks! Both of these products are designed to be ultra-soft and breathable so you can stay comfortable all day long.

Sustainable Fashion

Knix takes sustainability seriously - they use recycled fabrics wherever possible and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their environmental impact. For example, they use eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials in order to minimize waste. They also partner with nonprofits like the Unilever Project Sunlight to help spread awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion choices.

Shop Knix Now

If you're looking for stylish yet comfortable lingerie and clothing, then look no further than Knix! Their range of high quality garments is perfect for any occasion so why not start shopping today? Whether it's wireless bras or leakproof underwear you're after, trust Knix to provide you with fashionable pieces that will last the test of time.


Knix Kicks Up Clothing Ecommerce Revenue

At Knix, an ecommerce clothing brand, they use YOTTAA Insights to quickly identify and diagnose third party technologies on their site. This technology allows them to compare their performance with competitors, see how page speed affects conversions and bounce rates, and optimize their website for higher revenue. With this technology in place, Knix is able to increase the efficiency of their website and ensure that customers have a seamless shopping experience. By utilizing YOTTAA Insights, Knix has seen increased sales and profits from its online store.

Knix Empowers Shoppers With Video Shopping Technology

Knix, an ecommerce brand in the underwear space, is leveraging Boutiq Personal Video Shopping technology to increase their revenue. By bringing a high touch experience to online shopping, they are able to bridge the gap between clients and sales associates that just wasn't available before. Knix shoppers can now video chat with a sales associate instantly or by appointment for one-on-one guidance as if they were in an actual store. This innovative approach allows customers to receive personalized advice and assistance from knowledgeable staff members when selecting items for purchase. Furthermore, it also gives them access to exclusive offers not available elsewhere. As such, this new technology provides Knix with the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction while boosting its bottom line.

Knix Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Customer Privacy App

Knix, an ecommerce brand in the clothing space has adopted a technology called Customer Privacy to increase its online revenue. This app ensures that all data collected and shared meets the requirements of privacy and data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA. It gives customers more control over how their personal information is used by Knix, providing them peace of mind while shopping for clothes from the store. With this new feature, Knix makes sure that it not only complies with regulations but also provides a safe environment for customers to purchase products without any worries about their private details being misused or leaked. As such, Knix continues to drive sales growth in the competitive ecommerce market through innovative use of modern technology.

Knix Reaps Rewards with Store Credit Solutions

As the ecommerce brand in the underwear space, Knix knows that customer loyalty is key to increasing revenue. To make sure shoppers keep coming back for more, they've turned to a technology called Gift cards & Loyalty Program from With advanced solutions for gift card sales, store credit management, rewards, referrals, refunds and loyalty programs, it's easy to see how their customers can benefit. Whether it's receiving store credits or rewards when using gift cards, Knix provides an experience that keeps their shoppers engaged while also improving retention rates and customer lifetime value at the same time.

Knix Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Kustomer Technology

Knix, an ecommerce brand selling clothing products, is leveraging the power of Kustomer technology to increase its store management capabilities and boost revenue. Kustomer is a digital customer support platform which provides personalized services at scale through data and artificial intelligence. It's already being used by some of the leading brands in customer service like Ring, Glovo, ThirdLove, Glossier and Sweetgreen. With powerful agent dashboards that unify customer interactions across channels into one place for superior visibility and efficiency, Knix has seen an improvement in their operations since implementing this tech solution. The result? Increased sales – proving that investing in cutting-edge technology can indeed drive success!

Knix Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Automated Returns Platform

Knix, an ecommerce clothing brand, has recently implemented a technology called Loop Returns & Exchanges to increase their revenue. This automated platform provides customers with an improved returns experience and drives customer lifetime value by creating a shopping experience inside the returns process. Since implementing this new system, Knix has seen remarkable results including retention of more than $700 million in revenue and automating over 22 million returns. With its innovative approach to store management, Knix is ensuring that their customers have access to the best services available on the market today.

Knix's Secret to Increased Ecommerce Revenue: UGC Marketing Platform

Knix, an ecommerce brand in the underwear space, has experienced increased sales thanks to a technology called Product Reviews & User Generated Content (UGC). By leveraging TrustSpot's easy-to-use app, Knix is able to collect and curate authentic content from actual customers that can be used on their online store and marketing materials. This strategy allows them to foster trust with potential customers through real reviews of their products and services, leading to increased engagement and ultimately higher conversion rates. With this innovative approach, Knix is revolutionizing the way they do business - proving that UGC can play a major role in achieving success in the ecommerce domain.

Knix Doubles Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Loyalty Platform

Leading ecommerce brand Knix is increasing their online revenue in the clothing space by taking advantage of Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards, a store management technology designed to simplify customer loyalty and retention. With this agile platform, Knix can quickly launch campaigns that drive both transactions and engagement from customers. They also have access to detailed program analytics so they can better understand consumer behavior and make informed decisions regarding their marketing strategy. By using Yotpo Loyalty & Reward's features, Knix has been able to effectively boost their ecommerce sales while providing an excellent experience for shoppers on their website.