Laylo: Stylish Pet Accessories for Comfort and Style

Laylo offers modern pet beds that are not only comfortable, but also stylish enough to fit right in with any home décor. Their customizable designs come with ever-changing, swappable bed covers and orthopedic comfort that your pets will love...

Laylo's Strategies for Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers in the Pets, Accessories Vertical

Laylo is an online pet accessories store that offers a wide range of products for cats, dogs and other pets...


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Laylo Online Store

Laylo offers modern pet beds that are not only comfortable, but also stylish enough to fit right in with any home décor. Their customizable designs come with ever-changing, swappable bed covers and orthopedic comfort that your pets will love. Plus, when you bundle your Laylo bed ensemble and save up to 15%!

Quality & Comfort: Laylo's Promise

Laylo believes in making pet beds that not only look good, but also provide the best quality and comfort for their animal friends. Each Laylo product is designed with a high-quality foam base that provides firm support for your pup. This luxurious foam is then covered in a soft cover of polyester fibers to provide extra comfort and durability. And if you're looking for something even more special, Laylo's signature orthopedic beds offer an extra layer of cushioning for ultimate comfort.

Ever-Changing Swappable Covers

In addition to the high-quality foam core, Laylo also offers their signature swappable covers so you can change the look of your pet's bed as often as you'd like! The covers come in a variety of fun designs and colors – perfect for adding an extra pop of color or pattern into any room! What's even better is that all of these covers are machine washable so they're easy to keep clean and fresh.

Bundle & Save on Your Pet Bed Ensemble

When it comes time to outfit your home with quality pet beds, look no further than Laylo! Not only do they offer superior quality and comfort but they also give you the chance to save some money when bundling multiple items together from their site. When buying two or more items from the same collection at once, customers can take advantage of discounts up to 15% off the original price – now that's what we call a deal! For fashionable dog beds customized for both comfort and style, turn to Laylo! With their ever-changing swappable covers, superior foam core construction, and money saving bundles – there's no better choice than lay Lo when it comes to outfitting your pup with the perfect spot for snoozing.


Laylo Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Upsells

Laylo, the ecommerce brand known for its accessories, has upped their game in increasing revenue. Through a technology called Bold Upsell ‑ True upsells!, Laylo is able to offer customers cross-sells and upsells that are set up within minutes. With this, Laylo can encourage shoppers to spend more on products or reach free shipping minimums by utilizing funnels of multiple upsell offers. This allows optimal efficiency from not showing unnecessary items, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Laylo Puts Power of Bundle Builder to Good Use

Laylo, an ecommerce brand specializing in accessories, is taking advantage of the latest technology called Bundle Builder. This powerful tool helps Shopify entrepreneurs create custom bundle pages and multi-product purchasing experiences that boost their average order value and encourage customers to spend more money. With features like %, fixed or tiered discounts, Laylo has seen a dramatic increase in its revenue by using this marketing and conversion solution. The innovative software allows them to offer special deals while providing an easy way for customers to purchase multiple items in one go. By utilizing the power of Bundle Builder, Laylo's online store continues to be successful in meeting customer expectations and increasing sales.

Laylo Increases Sales with Kudobuzz Reviews App

Laylo, an ecommerce brand specializing in store design accessories, is leveraging the power of technology to increase their revenue. Through a service called Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook, Amazon & Google Reviews app, Laylo can sync customer reviews from multiple platforms into one place for easy access and promotion. This allows customers to quickly build trust and credibility when shopping at Laylo’s website. Not only does this give potential customers more assurance that they are making the right purchase decision - it also increases sales conversions and helps boost Laylo’s overall ecommerce revenue!

Laylo Pets: Grow Your Brand with Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Laylo Pets, an ecommerce store in the pets space, is using a technology called Referral Candy ‑ Rewards to increase their revenue. By implementing this powerful referral program, Laylo Pets can attract new customers and reward existing ones when they refer paying customers to the store. With the help of Referral Candy’s personal reward link feature, Laylo Pets can maximize word of mouth referrals and grow their brand quickly and efficiently. This technology has already helped numerous ecommerce stores increase their profits by encouraging satisfied customers to promote their products through social media channels. Empower your pet store's growth today with Laylo Pet's Referral Candy ‑ Rewards!

Laylo Leverages Technology to Boost Accessories Revenue

Laylo, an ecommerce brand in the accessories space, is leveraging ShipStation technology to maximize orders and shipping efficiency. ShipStation enables Laylo to create labels for their whole day's worth of shipments with just a few clicks. This helps save time and money while ensuring customers receive products quickly. With automated workflows that sync tracking information, Laylo can provide an impactful delivery experience and get the most out of its ecommerce revenue.

Boosting Laylo's Ecommerce Revenue Through Innovative Technology

Laylo, the ecommerce brand in the accessories space, is taking their store management to the next level with Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots. This innovative customer experience platform enables online stores to provide excellent customer service and turn passive visitors into active buyers. Ready-to-use sales and support chatbots increase revenue while also immediately answering common questions from customers. All of this can be managed in one convenient place. By leveraging technology like Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots, Laylo has seen an impressive boost in its ecommerce revenue that is sure to continue for years to come!

Laylo Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Technology

Laylo, the leading ecommerce store in the accessories space, has implemented a cutting edge technology called Timesact | Pre‑Order & Restock to increase their revenue. This innovative solution helps Laylo manage preorders and back-in-stock notifications seamlessly, allowing them to transition effortlessly between product drops and presales. With this powerful tool, Laylo is able to maximize customer engagement while simultaneously increasing profits. By keeping up with modern trends and investing in new technologies like Timesact | Pre‑Order & Restock, Laylo continues to be an industry leader in the ecommerce store design category.