Los Angeles' Madhappy: Starting Conversations with Fashion.

Madhappy is an LA-based fashion and lifestyle brand created in 2017 with the mission to start a conversation about mental health through stylish clothing...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers with Madhappy

Madhappy is a clothing brand dedicated to creating quality apparel for men and women...


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Madhappy is an LA-based fashion and lifestyle brand created in 2017 with the mission to start a conversation about mental health through stylish clothing. With a range of men's and women's apparel, accessories and more, Madhappy’s products are designed to make it easy to talk about mental health without sacrificing fashion.

Madhappy Apparel: Comfortable & Stylish

Madhappy offers a variety of fashionable yet comfortable clothing for both men and women. From hoodies to crewnecks, sweatpants and more, their trendy pieces are perfect for making a statement in any situation. Whether you’re lounging at home or going out with friends, Madhappy has something for everyone. All of their apparel is made from high-quality fabrics designed to last through countless wears.

Mental Health Conversation Starter

More than just fashionable clothing, Madhappy is committed to creating conversations about mental health. Their apparel features bold designs that draw attention and spark dialogue about the importance of self-care, wellness and mental health awareness. By wearing Madhappy products, you can start conversations about these important topics with family, friends or even strangers in public spaces.

Affordable & Accessible

In addition to providing quality products focused on mental health awareness, Madhappy also strives to make their products affordable and accessible so that anyone can join the conversation no matter their financial status. Their online store includes items at various price points so that everyone can find something within their budget that speaks to them. Plus, all orders over $75 come with free shipping!

Shop & Support Mental Health Awareness

When you shop with Madhappy you're not just buying clothes; you're helping support an important cause - spreading mental health awareness! 10% of all proceeds from every single purchase are donated directly to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) an organization dedicated to providing support, resources and education around mental illness and related issues throughout the United States. So by shopping with Madhappy not only do you get amazing clothes but you also help support an amazing cause!


Madhappy Increases Ecommerce Revenue with World-Class Shipping Technology

Madhappy, an ecommerce brand specializing in clothing, has taken their customer experience to the next level by utilizing AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS technology. This revolutionary shipping solution offers a world-class post purchase experience that reduces WISMO tickets and drives revenue with customized tracking pages and notifications. With over 1,000 global carriers integrated into its platform, Madhappy is able to monitor shipment exceptions and improve on time rates through actionable data presented in one interactive portal. Additionally, AI powered capabilities reduce buyer anxiety while providing customers with up to date information about their orders. By leveraging this advanced technology, Madhappy is ensuring they are delivering the best possible shopping experience for each of their customers.

Madhappy Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Automated Returns Platform

Madhappy, an ecommerce brand selling clothing and accessories, is taking their customer satisfaction to the next level by utilizing a technology called Loop Returns & Exchanges. This automated platform helps Shopify brands improve their returns experience while driving customer lifetime value and saving sales. Madhappy's utilization of this innovative store management solution has helped them increase overall revenue in the clothing space. By providing customers with a stress free return process that requires minimal effort, Madhappy is able to build long lasting relationships with its customers while increasing profits at the same time!

Madhappy Leverages Postscript to Boost Ecommerce Revenue

Madhappy, an ecommerce brand in the clothing space, is leveraging Postscript SMS Marketing technology to increase their revenue. This Shopify SMS marketing software for growing stores has already been trusted by 7,000+ stores and helps capture customer’s phone numbers compliantly while leveraging historical data to create targeted campaigns. Employing two-way conversations with customers allows Madhappy to drive sales and boost revenue significantly. By using Postscript's cutting edge technology Madhappy can ensure they are providing their customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Madhappy Boosts Ecommerce with Privy Technology

Madhappy, an ecommerce brand in the clothing space, is using a technology called Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS to increase their revenue. By leveraging this fast-growing Shopify business tool, Madhappy can easily grow their email and SMS contacts, automate their email marketing efforts, send money-making text messages and improve website conversion rates. With Privy’s easy design tools and automated cart saver texts feature, Madhappy has all the resources they need to create powerful campaigns that will boost their online sales. Utilizing cutting edge technologies like Privy allows Madhappy to stay ahead of competitors for maximum success.

Madhappy Boosts Revenue with AIML Technology

Madhappy is a trend-setting ecommerce brand that knows how to make customers feel confident and stylish. It has recently implemented the Rebuy Personalization Engine, an advanced technology that combines AI/ML capabilities with modern software development practices. This innovative solution helps Madhappy deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey, from the homepage to checkout to post-purchase and beyond. By leveraging this cutting edge technology, Madhappy can create highly targeted campaigns based on its customers' preferences for clothing styles and designs. As a result, it has seen an increase in revenue due to boosted engagement levels and higher conversion rates. With Rebuy's personalization engine at its fingertips, Madhappy is able to provide shoppers with an unforgettable shopping experience every time!

Madhappy Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Technology

Madhappy, an ecommerce brand known for its stylish clothing and accessories, is taking their business to the next level by leveraging Route ‑ Protection & Tracking. This innovative technology combines package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability into one holistic customer experience that helps drive sales and foster long term loyalty. Route's network allows Madhappy customers to track packages in a familiar environment while creating a secure shopping experience. Additionally, this sophisticated system provides detailed insights on customer buying behavior so Madhappy can offer personalized promotions tailored to individual customers’ needs. With these invaluable resources at their fingertips, Madhappy has seen increased revenue from both existing and new customers alike. For example, since partnering with Route ‑ Protection & Tracking, Madhappy noticed an increase of 45% in repeat purchases within just four weeks of implementation. These impressive results are proof that when companies like Madhappy invest in the latest technologies they reap big rewards!