Omsom: Flavorful Asian Dishes in Minutes!
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Asian Flavors to Your Fingertips with Omsom

Omsom is a food company based in Brooklyn, New York that makes individual seasoning packets with the essential flavors and spices needed to cook authentic, high quality Asian dishes...

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Omsom is an online store that specializes in food, seasonings, sauces and oils from around the world...


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Asian Flavors to Your Fingertips with Omsom

Omsom is a food company based in Brooklyn, New York that makes individual seasoning packets with the essential flavors and spices needed to cook authentic, high quality Asian dishes. Founded by two sisters who are passionate about bringing bold and proud flavors of their heritage to the dinner tables of modern cooks, Omsom has become a pantry shortcut for those who want to make restaurant-quality Asian meals at home. With Omsom's chef-approved sauces, it's never been easier to create delicious dishes in just 20 minutes!

The Power of Flavorful Sauces & Seasonings

At Omsom, they understand the power of flavor. It’s why they offer an array of seasonings and sauces created with real ingredients like ginger, garlic, chili peppers and more - all combined together to help you bring bold flavor into your everyday cooking. Their signature sauces come pre-made from a variety of regions across Asia, giving you a range of options for creating unique dishes. Whether you're looking for something spicy or mild, there's something for everyone!

Make Restaurant-Quality Dishes with Ease

Making restaurant-quality dishes doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. With Omsom's seasonings and sauces, you can easily whip up flavorful meals in just 20 minutes! All you need are some fresh ingredients like vegetables, proteins and grains - then add Omsom's signature sauce or seasoning mix and voila! You'll have an amazing dish on the table in no time. Plus, since these products are shelf stable, they're perfect for stocking your pantry so you always have them on hand when inspiration strikes.

Quality Ingredients & Sustainable Practices

At Omsom, they believe that quality matters - which is why all their products are crafted with carefully sourced ingredients from sustainable farms around the world. They work hard to ensure that every product meets their high standards for taste and quality while reducing their impact on the environment by minimizing waste and supporting fair labor practices across their supply chain. So if you're looking for an easy way to add bold flavors of Asian cuisine into your home cooking routine without having to spend hours in the kitchen - look no further than Omsom! Their chef-approved sauces will make even the busiest weeknight feel like a special occasion. Try it today and experience restaurant-quality Asian dishes at home!


Omsom's Upsell Ecommerce Strategy: Boosting Sales with Pop Ups and Email Marketing

The ecommerce brand Omsom is taking advantage of advanced technology to increase its revenue in the sauces and oils space. With a focus on personalization, they are leveraging upsell, pop ups, and email marketing strategies to convert new visitors into customers and existing customers into repeat buyers. By saving time while also boosting sales by targeting specific audiences, these methods have helped Omsom drive their ecommerce business forward. Empowering shoppers with personalized product recommendations can help boost conversion rates even further.

Omsom Enhances Seasonings Revenue With Judgeme Product Reviews

Omsom, an ecommerce brand in the seasonings space, utilizes a sophisticated technology called Product Reviews to increase revenue and create a better customer experience. This app allows Omsom to schedule automatic emails requesting reviews with images and videos after order fulfillment or delivery - making it easy for customers to leave feedback right away. Not only can Omsom use this feature to improve conversion rates by showcasing these reviews on their storefront widgets and social media platforms, but they can also import reviews from other apps as well. By utilizing Product Review's fast loading, fully customizable features in 37 languages, Omsom is able to provide their customers with an unbeatable shopping experience that increases both sales and satisfaction.

Omsom Boosts ecommerce Revenue with Postscript SMS Marketing

Ecommerce brand Omsom is using a cutting-edge technology called Postscript SMS Marketing to increase their revenue in the food space. Shopify stores and Shopify Plus stores like Brooklinen and Dr. Squatch trust Postscript to capture customer phone numbers compliantly, leverage historical data for targeted campaigns, have two-way conversations with customers, and drive conversions. With this powerful technology at their fingertips, Omsom can now maximize their reach and engagement across all channels of communication for maximum ROI.

Omsom Boosts Ecommerce with Store Locator Tech

For those in the food space looking to increase their ecommerce presence, Omsom has capitalized on Stockist Store Locator technology. The store design category can now be made simpler and more efficient thanks to this innovative tool – something that is sure to help boost their online revenue. With a searchable store map, customers are able to easily find local retailers and stores where they can purchase products from Omsom without any hassle or confusion. This not only increases sales but also reduces inquiries for customer support, building trust within the brand as well. By using sophisticated search features, customers can quickly locate exactly what they're looking for when browsing through your site's store locator page!

Unlock the Door to Ecommerce Revenue with Omsom and Recharge Subscriptions

Omsom is an ecommerce brand that uses a powerful technology called Recharge Subscriptions in the selling products category. This innovative solution helps brands turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers, enabling them to grow their subscription business while providing customers with full control over their subscriptions directly from Omsom’s store. Through Recharge's customization capabilities, Omsom can create a unique subscription experience for its customers. With this integrated system, businesses like Omsom are unlocking the door to increased ecommerce revenue in the seasonings space.

Omsom Takes Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

Omsom, an ecommerce brand in the sauces and oils space, is taking customer loyalty to the next level with their store management technology. With Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards integrated into their platform, they can quickly launch campaigns designed to drive transactions and engagement while having access to detailed program analytics that help them understand consumer behavior better. This agile solution helps Omsom increase revenue by helping customers stay loyal while providing additional services like referrals and rewards programs. By leveraging Yotpo's cutting edge loyalty platform, Omsom has been able to strengthen relationships with their customers and maximize profits.

Shoppable Videos: Omsom's Secret to Ecommerce Success

Omsom, a leader in the food ecommerce space, is using Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz technology to create an engaging and immersive shopping experience. With this powerful tool, shoppers can watch videos about products and make purchases without ever leaving the page. This feature has helped Omsom skyrocket their online sales and increase customer engagement. By adding interactive elements like quizzes and video content, customers have access to more information about products before making decisions - ultimately leading to better conversion rates for the brand. Thanks to Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz, Omsom has been able to get ahead of its competition while providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for users.