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Discover Mindful Escapes with Ordinary Habit, Doylestown!

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Ordinary Habit is a company based out of Doylestown, Pennsylvania that makes fun and functional puzzles and games to promote mindfulness and offer a digital escape. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for people to savor moments of calm, no matter where they are...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion and Acquiring Customers with Ordinary Habit

Ordinary Habit is a website that offers activities and outdoor, crafts and games to its customers. The company is committed to providing the best customer experience and increasing their revenues...


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Ordinary Habit is a company based out of Doylestown, Pennsylvania that makes fun and functional puzzles and games to promote mindfulness and offer a digital escape. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for people to savor moments of calm, no matter where they are.

What Does Ordinary Habit Offer?

Their collection includes jigsaw puzzles, travel puzzles, matching cards, and more. Each item is thoughtfully designed with wellness in mind and intended to reconnect people with themselves and one another. The puzzles are made from quality materials that are both durable and sustainable. They also offer a variety of games for all ages which can be played alone or with friends.

Activities And Outdoor Crafts

In addition to their puzzles and games, Ordinary Habit also offers activities for outdoor crafts such as birdhouses, wind chimes, flower pots, bird feeders, planters boxes, etc., which can help bring nature into your home or garden. These projects are perfect for those who want to get creative while spending time outdoors.

Combining Mindfulness And Fun

At Ordinary Habit, they strive to combine mindfulness with fun by creating activities that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children. They believe that it's important to take time away from technology in order to reconnect with ourselves and our environment. By engaging in activities like these, we can become better at recognizing our own needs so that we can make more intentional choices about how we spend our time.

Giving Back To The Community

Ordinary Habit is committed to giving back both locally and globally through their partnership with charities such as Toys For Tots, Room To Read Foundation, UNICEF USA, Heifer International UK ,and One Tree Planted . Through their donations they are able to provide educational opportunities for children around the world as well as support environmental conservation initiatives in developing countries..

Join The Ordinary Habit Movement Today!

Whether you're looking for something fun for yourself or a special gift for someone else - join the Ordinary Habit movement today! With their wide variety of activities and outdoor crafts you're sure to find something that will spark your creativity while providing an opportunity for mindful self-care or connecting with others through playtime.

Ordinary Habit

More Ecommerce Revenue with Ordinary Habit's Affiliate Marketing Program

Ordinary Habit is leveraging the power of GOAFFPRO ‑ Affiliate Marketing to increase their ecommerce revenue in the crafts and games space. The technology provides a simple way for customers and influencers to become affiliates, enabling them to promote products using a referral link. This affiliate program allows Ordinary Habit to attract more leads while turning existing users into brand ambassadors. By utilizing this powerful marketing tool, they can continue growing their business without any additional effort or resources.

Ordinary Habit Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Technology

Ordinary Habit, an ecommerce brand, is looking to bolster their presence in the activities and outdoor space. To do this, they are using a cutting edge technology called Carro which connects top Shopify stores together to enable cross-store selling. This type of partnership enables partners to sell each other's products without needing physical inventory or minimum order quantities. In addition, Ordinary Habit can bring existing suppliers and retailers onto the platform as well. By utilizing Carro, Ordinary Habit seeks to maximize its potential in the activities and outdoor space while also increasing overall revenue from ecommerce sales.

Ordinary Habit's Tech-Savvy Solution for Increased Ecommerce Revenue

Ordinary Habit, an ecommerce brand, is leveraging a technology called Handshake for Suppliers to increase its revenue in activities and outdoor space. With Handshake, approved retailers can easily discover quality brands and products that have been carefully curated by Shopify. This integrated platform simplifies the process of managing products, orders, and buyers while providing Ordinary Habit with a tech-savvy solution for increased ecommerce sales. As a result of using this innovative software, Ordinary Habit has seen dramatic growth in their online store as well as customer satisfaction rates. By utilizing Handshake for Suppliers, Ordinary Habit continues to be at the forefront of modern ecommerce trends.

Boost Crafts Games Revenue with Upsell and Cross Sell Technology

Ordinary Habit, an ecommerce brand in the crafts and games space, is utilizing In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell technology to increase their revenue. This powerful tool makes it simple for customers to purchase complementary products while they are already buying from the store. Whether you sell candles or sneakers, In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell helps boost sales by displaying related items directly on product pages - like wick trimmers or socks - so customers can add them to their order easily. With this technology, Ordinary Habit has increased their conversion rate and seen a dramatic improvement in their bottom line results.

Ordinary Habit Boosts Ecommerce with Instafeed

At Ordinary Habit, they understand the importance of incorporating technology into their store design. That's why they use Instafeed – Instagram Feed to enhance and increase their ecommerce presence in activities and outdoor space. With Mintt - Instafeed, adding an elegant yet minimalistic Instagram feed is a breeze; it takes less than one minute! By displaying photos and Reels on their store page, Ordinary Habit has been able to build social proof, convert visitors into customers, and maximize customer engagement. It's no wonder that they're quickly becoming one of the leading ecommerce brands in activities and outdoor space!

Ordinary Habit Boosts Revenue with TrustSpot UGC Technology

Ordinary Habits, an ecommerce brand specializing in crafts and games products, is using the latest technology to increase their revenue. Product Reviews & User Generated Content (UGC) provided by TrustSpot helps Ordinary Habit generate authentic content from customers which can be used on their online store and promotional campaigns. With this cutting-edge tool, they are able to collect, curate and showcase reviews of their products quickly and easily while building trust among new visitors. By leveraging TrustSpot's platform, Ordinary Habit has been able to boost sales through increased customer engagement and a higher conversion rate.

Ordinary Habits' Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with PreOrder Now WOD

Ordinary Habit is revolutionizing the ecommerce space by leveraging a unique technology – Pre‑Order Now WOD. This innovative feature allows Ordinary Habit to engage customers in activities and outdoor spaces with preorders of their favorite products that are out of stock or not yet released. Customers can now purchase these products before they become available, creating hype around new product launches and generating revenue for the brand. By using Pre‑Order Now WOD, Ordinary Habit has seen an increase in its ecommerce revenue from this sector as well as improved customer satisfaction due to more timely deliveries. It's clear that Pre‑Order Now WOD is having a positive impact on Ordinary Habit's bottom line!

Ordinary Habit Harnessing Technology to Increase Revenue

Ordinary Habit, an ecommerce brand dedicated to the activities and outdoor space, is harnessing Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS technology in their marketing and conversion category. This fast-growing Shopify business uses this powerful tool to grow email and SMS contacts quickly, automate email marketing processes, send money-making text messages, and improve website conversion rates without needing advanced technical knowledge or experience. With Privy's automated cart saver texts and designable email newsletters integrated with website popups effortlessly into Ordinary Habit’s system, they are able to increase their ecommerce revenue more than ever before.

Ordinary Habit Boosts Revenue with Seamless Shopping Experience

Ordinary Habit, the ecommerce brand in the crafts and games space, has taken their store management to the next level by leveraging Route ‑ Protection & Tracking technology. By combining package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability into one holistic customer experience, Ordinary Habits is not only increasing sales but also driving loyalty from customers. By utilizing Route’s network of trackers that are already familiar to shoppers, Ordinary Habit seamlessly integrates shopping experiences while also providing a secure environment for purchases. With this advanced technology integrated into their store management process, Ordinary Habits can confidently boost revenue while delighting customers with an unforgettable buying experience.