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Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Organic Basics: Sustainable Clothing in København

Organic Basics is changing the fashion game and making sustainable style more accessible than ever. Based in København, this innovative company designs comfortable men and women's clothing made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, TENCEL™ and recycled materials...

Organic Basics is a clothing company that specializes in Underwear, Activewear and Clothing. Their mission is to create sustainable, comfortable and high quality apparel for their customers...


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Organic Basics Online Store

Organic Basics is changing the fashion game and making sustainable style more accessible than ever. Based in København, this innovative company designs comfortable men and women's clothing made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, TENCEL™ and recycled materials.

Ethically-Made Activewear and Underwear

Organic Basics is committed to creating ethically-made activewear and underwear. From bras to boxer briefs, customers can find comfortable basics made from sustainable fabrics that are better for the environment. The company's unique production process involves traceable manufacturing processes so customers can trust that their clothes have been produced ethically.

Sustainable Clothing for All

Organic Basics embraces diversity by offering a wide range of sizes and styles so everyone can find something they love. Whether you are looking for an everyday essential or a statement piece, Organic Basics has something for every wardrobe. And with free shipping available and easy returns, it's easier than ever to get your hands on some sustainable style.

A Greener Future with Organic Basics

Organic Basics is leading the way when it comes to sustainable fashion production. By using responsible materials like organic cotton, TENCEL™ and recycled fabrics, they are helping to create a greener future for generations to come. With their commitment to ethical production practices, Organic Basics is paving the way for more sustainable fashion brands in the future.

Organic Basics

Harnessing Technology to Unlock Robust Insights - Organic Basics Increases Revenue with CJ Network Integration

Organic Basics, an e-commerce brand in the underwear space, is harnessing technology to unlock robust insights and increase their revenue. By utilizing CJ Network Integration's automated enhancements to their tracking technology they are able to eliminate lengthy developer work or website integration changes. With this powerful marketing and conversion tool, Organic Basics can get up & running in minutes while joining a global partner ecosystem of over 3,800 brands & 167K active publishers. This will help them create intelligent, scalable and sustainable growth as well as increased conversions for their online store.

Boost Your E-commerce Revenue with Organic Basics

Organic Basics, an e-commerce brand in the activewear space, is revolutionizing store management and boosting their revenue by using Facebook Pixels Track. This innovative technology resolves tracking issues while adding unlimited pixels to make backup and collection pixels along with unlimited conversions tracking efficient and simple. Browser events are sent automatically for a seamless experience that both customers and businesses can appreciate. As a result of this cutting edge technology, Organic Basics has seen unprecedented success in boosting their already booming business. Try it today for yourself!

Organic Basics: Boosting Activewear Revenue with Technology

Organic Basics, an e-commerce brand in the activewear space, has implemented langify - a specialized technology for store design and localization. With langify, Organic Basics can easily translate their business to reach new customers by selling in their native languages as well as offering local currency. This innovative approach allows them to target potential customers directly while providing custom solutions via multiple third party app integrations. As a result of this implementation, Organic Basics is able to increase its revenue and take advantage of untapped markets around the world.

Organic Basics: Let Customers Do the Talking

Organic Basics, an e-commerce brand for activewear, is taking their store design to the next level with Product Reviews. This technology allows customers to consult reviews and check ratings before making a purchase decision, giving them access to useful and credible information from other people who have used Organic Basics products. As a result, Organic Basics has seen increased e-commerce revenue as shoppers feel more confident in their purchases knowing that they have all of the details right at their fingertips. With this user-friendly feature, Organic Basics continues to lead the way in customer satisfaction while driving up sales!

Organic Basics Increases Revenue with Uplifting Reviews and User-Generated Content

Organic Basics, an e-commerce brand in the clothing space, has embraced technology to increase its revenues. The company has adopted Stamped Product Reviews & UGC as part of their marketing and conversion strategies to boost customer engagement and sales. With this system, customers can leave product reviews that are moderated by Organic Basics staff along with leaving user generated content such as photos or videos. This helps create a more wholesome image of the products which eventually results in higher conversions. Additionally, users can post questions about certain items they wish to purchase and get answers from other buyers or even employees of Organic Basics. Through integration of features like Instagram Shoppable Gallery and Checkout Reviews, Organic Basics is able to foster stronger relationships with its customers while increasing positive feedback for its products. As a result, the company's revenue is bound to rise over time.

Organic Basics Achieves GDPR Compliance and Increased Revenue with Smart GDPR

Organic Basics, a leading e-commerce brand in the clothing space, has adopted SmartGDPR technology to help ensure compliance with new international data protection regulations while also boosting their revenue. This technology helps block Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Shopify Analytics until consent is given by customers. It collects "Unambiguous, opt-in consent", allowing Organic Basics to remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other global standards. Furthermore, it allows users to easily revoke their consent when needed. Additionally, an integrated privacy policy further protects customer data from misuse or unauthorized access. By utilizing Smart GDPR's features, Organic Basics has been able to increase their e-commerce sales without sacrificing customer trust or compromising its own security protocols.