Hoboken's Partake: Allergy-Friendly Food Heaven!

Allergen-Friendly Treats for Everyone: Partake's Delicious Cookies

Partake is a bakery based in Hoboken that offers delicious, allergy-friendly cookies...

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Partake is a company that specializes in food, bakery products...


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Allergen-Friendly Treats for Everyone: Partake's Delicious Cookies

Partake is a bakery based in Hoboken that offers delicious, allergy-friendly cookies. Their products are made with real, healthy, and safe ingredients that are free from the top 14 allergens, making them suitable for people with allergies and dietary restrictions. Partake's selection of treats includes Carrot Oat, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate and Sweet Potato Millet flavors.

Creating Delicious & Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Partake prioritises deliciousness and health when creating their snacks. They use only real ingredients like oats, cassava flour and coconut oil to make their treats as tasty as possible while still being free from the top 14 allergens - wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish/shellfish, soy, sesame etc. As well as being vegan and non-GMO certified.

Delicious Flavors for Everyone

Partake's selection of allergen-free snacks includes four tasty flavors; Carrot Oat which is light and aromatic with subtle sweetness from honey and carrots; Chocolate Chip which has smooth dark chocolate chips in every bite; Double Chocolate which combines cocoa powder with dark chocolate chips for a rich indulgent treat; and Sweet Potato Millet which has the perfect balance of sweet potato flavor with nutty millet texture.

Supporting Health & Wellbeing

In addition to offering allergen-friendly snacks that everyone can enjoy safely, Partake also supports health and wellbeing through their commitment to reducing plastic waste in packaging. They offer loose packs of treats where customers can buy multiple cookies without plastic wrapping or choose sustainable packaging options such as paper bags or reusable jars. Partake brings delicious treats to everyone regardless of dietary needs or allergies - proving that it is possible to make something both tasty and healthy! Whether you're looking for a snack on the go or a special treat at home – Partake has something for everyone!


Partake Enhances ecommerce Revenue with Cutting Edge Technology

Partake Foods, an online bakery retailer, is utilizing a technology called GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management to enhance the customer experience and boost their ecommerce revenue. This cutting edge store design feature enables Partake to meet the data privacy regulations of countries like the EU/EEA, Brazil, California (US), Canada or Japan for shipping goods abroad. It's also ideal for dropshipping and print-on-demand stores looking to avoid fines and stay compliant. With this new tool in place, customers can rest assured that their personal data is protected while enjoying delicious treats from Partake Foods!

Unlock Ecommerce Riches with Partake and Privy

Partake, the world's leading bakery ecommerce brand, is leveraging the power of technology to increase their success. Leveraging the powerful automation capabilities of Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email & SMS - Partake has been able to increase its revenue in the store design category by creating automated email newsletters and website popups that engage customers. The ability to send money-making text messages also helps keep carts full for returning customers. With these tools at their disposal, Partake can focus on what matters most: baking delicious treats for their loyal fans!

Partake Boosts Revenue with Smart Cart Discounting

Partake is an ecommerce brand in the food space, and they recently implemented a technology called Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart to help increase their revenue. This intelligent cart discounting system makes it easier for customers to find and apply coupon codes at checkout. Research shows that almost 46% of shoppers abandon their carts if they can't easily add a code or don't know where to find one. By streamlining this process, Partake has seen success in boosting sales by keeping more customers engaged throughout the purchasing journey. Now all Partake customers can quickly access discounts on top of quality products - something everybody loves!

Partake's Baked-In Revenue Growth: How Ecommerce Brand Uses Technology to Reach New Heights

Partake Foods is an ecommerce brand that has found success in the bakery space. To further expand its growth and increase revenue, Partake utilizes Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat technology. This customer service platform provides fast-growing ecommerce merchants with a centralized view of every order, conversation, social comment, and even direct messages. Self-service resources provide shoppers with instant answers while dynamic Macros help reduce checkout friction. The combination of these features helps Partake maximize their revenue from the bakery goods they offer customers. With Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat at the helm, Partake’s baked-in revenue growth continues to reach new heights.

Partake Boosts Bakery Revenue with Emoji Expressions

Partake, the ecommerce brand specializing in bakery products, has found a new way to increase revenue: Smile. This cutting edge technology allows customers to express their gratitude and appreciation through emojis. It's an ideal marketing strategy for companies that want more positive feedback from their customers. By integrating this tool into its store design category, Partake can generate increased customer engagement and loyalty, leading to higher sales figures. As a result of incorporating Smile, Partake is now able to tap into the power of emotions in order to drive greater profit margins and gain an upper hand over other competitors in the industry. With Smile as part of its arsenal, Partake is ready to take on any challenge that comes its way!

Partake Boosts Bakery Ecommerce Revenue with Loyalty Rewards

Partake, an ecommerce brand in the bakery space, is utilizing a technology called Loyalty & Rewards to significantly boost their online sales. This innovative tool allows Partake to easily deploy loyalty programs and unlock insight into customer shopping habits so they can better target potential customers and retain existing ones. With turnkey welcome and transaction email templates at their fingertips, it's never been easier for Partake to get started on marketing automation right away. By leveraging Loyalty & Rewards, Partake is able to take their ecommerce business to new heights of success!

Partake Takes Subscription Revolution to the Bakery Space

Partake, an ecommerce brand specializing in bakery products, is taking its business to the next level with Recharge Subscriptions. This leading subscription management solution enables Partake to transform one-time shoppers into loyal customers and scale their subscription business through custom experiences that are integrated directly on their store. With this technology, Partake can increase revenue while providing a convenient way for customers to manage their subscriptions. Join the revolution today and experience the convenience of having your favorite treats delivered right to your door!

Partake Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Store Management

Partake, an ecommerce brand in the food space, has implemented a technology called Wishlist Plus to take their store management to the next level. With this tool, customers can easily bookmark and save their favorite products for faster access when they return. It also allows them to sync activity across devices including mobile apps, leverage event-triggered email campaigns via external service providers (ESPs), share lists through email, text message or social media platforms and collaborate with sales/customer service teams. This advanced feature is helping Partake increase its online revenue by allowing customers to conveniently find and purchase what they need quickly and efficiently.