Walnut's Piecework: Crafting Joyful Puzzles.

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Piecework, located in Walnut, California, helps you bring the joy of art into your living room with its curated line of jigsaw puzzles. With a mission to “make your heart sing”, their puzzles are designed to provide hours of fun for both children and adults alike...

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Piecework is an online retailer of unique activities and outdoor, crafts and games products...


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Piecework, located in Walnut, California, helps you bring the joy of art into your living room with its curated line of jigsaw puzzles. With a mission to “make your heart sing”, their puzzles are designed to provide hours of fun for both children and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day or want to challenge yourself with some unique designs, Piecework has everything you need.

Art Meets Puzzle

The experts at Piecework have been creating beautiful jigsaw puzzles since 2013. Their puzzles feature art from artists around the world and range from 500 pieces all the way up to 2000 pieces. Each puzzle is designed to take advantage of the latest printing techniques and are made out of quality chipboard that will last for years to come. Every piece is made with precision-cut edges that fit together perfectly, giving each puzzle an extra level of challenge and satisfaction when completed.

Activities & Outdoor Fun

Piecework offers a wide selection of activities and outdoor fun options for kids and adults alike. From traditional jigsaw puzzles to wooden games such as dominoes and chess sets, there's something for everyone here at Piecework. For those looking for more active activities, their outdoor items include beach toys like sand castles and shovels as well as badminton sets for some friendly competition between family members or friends.

Crafts & Games

In addition to offering puzzles and outdoor activities, Piecework also provides a variety of crafting kits that make perfect gifts for any occasion. These kits contain everything one needs to create their own masterpiece - from jewelry making kits complete with beads, cords and tools to paper crafts such as origami animals or paper airplanes. And if you're looking for something truly unique, check out their selection of customizable board games where you can design your own game pieces or cards!

Quality & Service

At Piecework they understand that quality is important when it comes to their products so they only use the best materials available in all their products. They also pride themselves on providing excellent customer service - each order is hand checked before being shipped out so customers can be sure they're getting exactly what they ordered every time! Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $50 so there's no need to worry about additional costs either!

Get Creative With Piecework

Piecework strives to bring joy into your home through its art-inspired jigsaw puzzles and other crafty goodies! Whether you're looking for hours of entertainment indoors or outdoors, this company has it all - from traditional puzzles to outdoor sports equipment and even customizable board games! So if you ever want an escape from everyday life why not get creative with Piecework today?


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