Los Angelenos Fuel Up with Soylent's Delicious Meal Replacement.
Health And Wellness

Soylent is a meal replacement company based in Los Angeles that offers nutritious, tasty, and convenient food options for those on the go...

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Conversion

Soylent is taking a multi-pronged approach to increasing revenue, optimizing conversion, and acquiring customers in the food, drink, health, and wellness vertical...


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Soylent is a meal replacement company based in Los Angeles that offers nutritious, tasty, and convenient food options for those on the go. The company makes complete nutrition science-backed and sustainable products, including drinks, powders, and bars—all of which provide everything the body needs to thrive. Whether you're looking for an easy breakfast option or a quick snack during your hectic day, Soylent has something for you.

Nourishment from Every Sip and Bite

The mission of Soylent is to make it easier for people to access healthy meals without sacrificing convenience or taste. All their products are created with real food ingredients that have been carefully chosen by their team of nutritionists and scientists. They use only vegan-friendly ingredients that are also gluten-free and GMO-free. Each product contains balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for a healthier lifestyle.

Delicious Flavors That Keep You Going

Soylent's food products come in a variety of flavors that range from classic Chocolate to vibrant Berry. Their drinks are made with natural flavors like almond milk or oat milk while their powders are packed with delicious fruits like banana and mango. And their bars provide just the right amount of sweetness without being overly sugary. With these delicious flavors you can enjoy all the nutrients your body needs without sacrificing taste.

Health & Wellness Without Compromise

At Soylent they believe that health should be accessible to everyone regardless of lifestyle or budget so they strive to make their products as affordable as possible while still providing quality nutrition. Their products are designed to fill nutritional gaps in busy lifestyles while also providing energy throughout the day so you can stay energized and focused on what matters most—your health! Plus all their products are recyclable so you can do your part in protecting the environment when enjoying a meal replacement solution from Soylent.


Soylent Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Technology Solution

Soylent, the ecommerce brand in the drink space, is taking their selling process to a whole new level with an innovative technology solution. Govalo | Gift Card Suite offers wrap-around branding and customizable digital gift cards that increases Average Order Value (AOV) and retention rates for businesses like Soylent. As well as providing unique gifting experiences, the suite also includes features such as giftable subscriptions, products, store credit and corporate gifting options. This cutting edge offering provides Soylent with a powerful tool to increase their ecommerce revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction across all channels of retailing.

Soylent Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Zendesk Support Chat

For Soylent, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, staying ahead of customer needs is key to increasing their online revenue. To achieve this goal they have adopted a customer service technology called Zendesk that helps them provide quick and efficient support for customers. By equipping agents with all the tools they need without having to leave the customer conversation, Zendesk has enabled Soylent to resolve inquiries faster and foster better relationships with their shoppers. With its innovative store management features, Zendesk is helping Soylent maximize its ecommerce potential.

Soylent Reaps Ecommerce Benefits With Carro Technology

As one of the most popular ecommerce brands in the food space, Soylent is harnessing a technology called Carro to increase its ecommerce revenue. This innovative service connects top Shopify stores together, allowing for cross-store selling without needing physical inventory or minimum order quantities. Thanks to this new platform, Soylent can now offer products from like-minded partners on their store and access theirs as well - all with just a few clicks! Plus, existing suppliers and retailers are also welcome to join in the fun. By utilizing Carro's cutting edge technology, Soylent is taking advantage of an all new way to generate more sales online.

Soylent Unleashes Ecommerce Revenue with Volume Discounts

Soylent, the ecommerce brand specializing in food products, is leveraging a powerful technology called Volume & Discounted Pricing to take their online business to new heights. This innovative tool gives Soylent customers unlimited discounts across multiple products and collections allowing them to configure simple or complex discounts as desired. Additionally, users can customize pricing to match product pages and offer time-sensitive quantity breaks for extra urgency. A notification bar on the page makes sure customers are aware of available discounts and promotions so they get the best deals possible. With this strategic move, Soylent is likely to see massive growth in online sales while delivering unbeatable value to its customers.

Soylent Leverages Foursixty To Increase Ecommerce Revenue

With the help of Shoppable Instagram & UGC technology from Foursixty, Soylent is able to increase its ecommerce revenue in the drink space. This cutting edge social shopping experience engages customers and inspires purchase intent for their products. It enables seamless integration between Instagram, user generated content (UGC) and ambassador content with Soylent’s online store, email campaigns and Shop App. By leveraging this powerful tool, Soylent has been able to transform how they reach out to their target market and boost their sales figures!

Soylent Boosts Drink Sales with Innovative Technology

Soylent, the popular ecommerce brand in the drink space, is using a revolutionary technology called Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals to increase their revenue. By creating a unique loyalty program that reflects their brand identity and offering rewards to incentivize engagement, Soylent customers can enjoy repeat purchases across the customer lifecycle while also reducing acquisition costs through referrals and reviews. With this innovative technology driving sales, Soylent has been able to boost their drink sales exponentially.

Leveraging Technology for Increased Ecommerce Revenue: Soylent Taps into TrustSpot's UGC Platform

Soylent, an ecommerce brand in the food space, has tapped into the power of User Generated Content (UGC) marketing to enhance their revenue. Leveraging technology provided by TrustSpot's Product Reviews & UGC platform, they are able to collect and curate authentic content from customers that is then used on their online store and within their advertising campaigns. This helps them increase visibility, trustworthiness and ultimately sales as more shoppers come across positive reviews or other forms of customer feedback when browsing through products. With this powerful tool at its disposal, Soylent can now reach a whole new level of success with their ecommerce business.

Soylent's Secret to Success: AI-Powered Upselling

Soylent, the leading ecommerce brand in health and wellness, is leveraging innovative technology to increase its revenue. Using a cutting-edge personalization engine that combines AI/ML with no-code, low-code, and custom code software along with industry-leading integrations and customizable merchandising rules, Soylent has unlocked the power of data-driven shopping experiences throughout their entire customer journey. From optimizing product discovery on the homepage to increasing conversion rates at checkout and beyond - this powerful tool has enabled Soylent to upsell customers more efficiently than ever before. With such advanced technology now part of their arsenal, it should come as no surprise that Soylent is continuing to experience success in the competitive market for health and wellness products.

Soylent Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Route Technology

Soylent is leveraging technology to increase ecommerce revenue in the food space. The brand has integrated Route ‑ Protection & Tracking, a holistic customer experience that combines package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability. This allows Soylent to move beyond simple email and SMS marketing strategies, delivering an enhanced customer experience that builds loyalty and increases sales. With this service, customers can easily track their packages while feeling secure knowing they have all the necessary protections in place. By taking advantage of the Route network where customers already track, Soylent has successfully implemented a powerful tool for generating more revenue through its online store.

Soylent Unleashes Subscriptions to Boost Ecommerce Profits

Soylent, the ecommerce brand in the drink space, is leveraging Recharge Subscriptions technology to boost its online revenue. This subscription management solution helps brands convert one-time shoppers into loyal customers with a scalable and customizable experience. With Recharge's capabilities, Soylent can create an ideal subscription experience for their consumers directly from the store. Customers can easily manage their subscriptions without any hassle. By utilizing this technology, Soylent is well on its way towards increasing its ecommerce sales and profits while providing a better customer experience.

Soylent Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Technology

When it comes to ecommerce, Soylent knows how to stay ahead of the curve. The food brand has implemented Videowise Shoppable Video UGC into their store design category in order to increase revenue and engagement. This advanced technology allows shoppers to interact with shoppable videos from TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube through an interactive platform. With this addition, conversion rates have been boosted up to 21%, all without compromising page speed. Additionally, analytics are used to identify which videos convert best and why. As a result of embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Videowise Shoppable Video UGC, Soylent is able to remain competitive in the ever changing ecommerce landscape within the food space.