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Experience Plastic-Free Living with Stasher Bags in Emeryville!
Kitchen And Dining

Stasher Bag is an innovative home and kitchen brand from Emeryville, California. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly become a leader in sustainable storage solutions for food and other items. Their reusable silicone bags are designed to be non-toxic, easy to clean and incredibly durable...

Increasing Revenue for Stasher Bag in the Home, Kitchen and Dining Vertical

Stasher Bag is a popular home goods company that offers a wide range of products for the kitchen and dining room. They are committed to helping customers make their homes more comfortable, stylish, and functional...


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Stasher Bag is an innovative home and kitchen brand from Emeryville, California. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly become a leader in sustainable storage solutions for food and other items. Their reusable silicone bags are designed to be non-toxic, easy to clean and incredibly durable.

Healthy Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic

More and more people are looking for ways to reduce their plastic consumption, and Stasher Bag is here to help. Their range of non-toxic reusable silicone bags are the perfect way to store food without creating additional waste. The bags are also leak-proof which makes them ideal for storing liquids like sauces or soups. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find the right bag for any job!

Shop The Official Site For Quality Reusable Bags

When buying Stasher products, make sure you only purchase them from the official website. That way you know you're getting quality assurance as well as access to exclusive offers and discounts. Plus, every single purchase helps prevent plastic bags from entering our oceans - something that everyone should get behind!

A Greener Future With Stasher Bags

At Stasher Bag, their goal is simple: improve lives by reducing single-use plastics through innovative reusable products. Their mission is not only about providing consumers with better options but also about inspiring others to take action against plastic pollution around the world. So next time you reach for a single-use plastic bag in your kitchen, consider switching over to a reusable Stasher Bag instead!

Stasher Bag

Stasher Bag Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Instafeed

Stasher Bag, the premier ecommerce brand in the home space, is taking their store design to the next level with a technology called Instafeed - Instagram Feed. This one minute process allows for minimal and elegant integration of Instagram content such as photos and Reels into Stasher Bag's website. By showing off this social proof on their site, they are able to convert more visitors into customers while also increasing their overall ecommerce revenue. With Instafeed – Instagram Feed, Stasher bag has found a way to boost customer engagement and enhance their web presence all at once.

Discover Stasher Bag's Increased Revenue - Unlocking the Power of Personalization

Stasher Bag, an ecommerce brand in the home space, has recently implemented Rebuy Personalization Engine to increase its revenue. This technology combines proprietary AI/ML technology with modern software, industry-leading integrations and fully customizable merchandising rules for a holistic solution that fuels data-driven shopping experiences from homepage to checkout and beyond. The result? An optimized customer journey that caters to each individual’s needs, providing more personalized product suggestions and better conversions. With Rebuy Personalization Engine powering their website, Stasher Bag is able to unlock the power of personalization and drive greater revenue growth.

Increase Ecommerce Revenue with Countdown Timer Bar

Stasher Bag is leveraging the power of technology to drive ecommerce revenue in their home space. With Common Ninja's Countdown Timer Bar app, Stasher Bag can create a sense of urgency and motivate customers to take action before missing out on an amazing offer. The app allows them to inform users about ongoing sales easily, while using fear of missing out (FOMO) as a powerful marketing tool. This digital solution has proven successful for businesses around the world and promises great potential for Stasher Bag too!

Boost Your ecommerce Revenue with Stasher Bag's Geolocation Technology

Discover how the innovative technology of geolocation can help you boost your online store sales in kitchen and dining. With Stasher Bag, users are presented with a bar or popup that suggests the best country and language based on their browser preferences and location. No matter where they go, visitors have the opportunity to change their country and language at any time. Increase your revenue today – use Stasher Bags' state-of-the-art geolocation feature!

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with Stasher Bag and Riseai

Stasher Bag is giving shoppers even more reasons to love their kitchen and dining products by implementing the advanced technology of Gift Cards & Loyalty Program from! This platform provides innovative solutions for gift card sales, store credit management, rewards, referrals, refunds and loyalty programs - all designed to improve retention rate and customer lifetime value. With these features in place, customers can easily purchase items with store credits rather than points which will boost revenue for your ecommerce business. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity now with Stasher Bag to increase your online revenue today!

Stasher Bag Boosts Revenue with Revolutionary Helpdesk Live Chat

Stasher Bag is revolutionizing the home space by taking advantage of Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat technology, a store management tool designed to increase ecommerce revenue. This powerful platform centralizes every order, conversation, social comment and DM into one customer ticket view. Moreover, it reduces checkout friction with self-service resources that provide instant answers or dynamic Macros. With this innovative solution in place, Stasher Bag can offer an unbeatable level of service while significantly boosting their earnings potential.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with Stasher Bag and Justuno

Stasher Bag is taking their ecommerce marketing to the next level by utilizing Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups. This cutting edge technology helps retailers increase conversions and engage visitors through effective touchpoints such as promotions, email capture popups, relevant website messaging, among other incredible design capabilities. Traffic segmentation, conversion analytics are also available for a comprehensive approach that will help drive revenue in the kitchen and dining space. With Stasher Bag's enhanced marketing strategies powered by Justuno’s innovative platform, you can rest assured knowing your business is on its way to success!

Loop Returns Exchanges: How Stasher Bag Increased Home Space Ecommerce Revenue

Stasher Bag, the leading ecommerce brand in the home space, has utilized a game-changing technology called Loop Returns & Exchanges to grow their revenue. This automated platform helps Shopify brands improve their returns experience by creating an engaging shopping experience inside the returns process. By utilizing this tool, Stasher Bag has experienced tremendous success resulting in more sales and higher customer lifetime value. Companies like Allbirds have already seen major gains with Loop's help - retaining over $700 million in revenue - and now it's time for Stasher Bag to take advantage of these same benefits.

Stasher Bag Boosts Sales with Postscript SMS Marketing

Boosting sales is all about staying ahead of the game and that's exactly what Stasher Bag ecommerce brand has done. They've implemented a cutting-edge technology called Postscript SMS Marketing to increase their revenue in the home space. This Shopify software allows stores like Brooklinen and Dr Squatch to capture customer phone numbers compliantly, leverage historical Shopify data for targeted campaigns, have two-way conversations with customers, and drive conversions quickly. With this revolutionary marketing tool, Stasher Bag can now reach more potential customers than ever before - resulting in higher conversion rates and improved revenue. Get on board with Stasher Bag and see what Postscript SMS Marketing can do for your business!

Boost Kitchen Dining Revenue with Stasher Bag and Wishlist Plus

Stasher Bag, the leading ecommerce brand in the kitchen and dining space, is leveraging powerful store management technology to increase their revenue. They've adopted Wishlist Plus – a platform that provides customers with an easy way to bookmark their favorite products and pick up where they left off when they return. It also syncs activity across devices, including mobile apps; triggers event-based email campaigns through ESPs; enables list sharing via email, text message and social media; offers collaboration features for sales and customer service teams; and helps convert shoppers into buyers. With this advanced tech behind them, Stasher Bag is ready to take their business further than ever before!

Stasher Bag Boosts Revenues with Disco Technology

Stasher Bag, an ecommerce brand, is harnessing the power of Disco for Brand Partnerships to strengthen their presence in the home space. With this technology, Stasher Bag can identify potential customers and find new partners that will help reduce costs per acquisition and improve customer insights. Utilizing machine learning data from transactions across its network, Stasher's platform gives them access to target high-intent shoppers through paid campaigns. Thanks to Disco’s invaluable assistance, Stasher Bag has been able to increase revenue while expanding its reach in the home space.