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Stojo: Collapsible and Sustainable Home Essentials.
Kitchen And Dining

Stojo is a home, kitchen and dining company based in (location) that designs earth-conscious products with an eye to sustainability. They specialize in collapsible and reusable cups, bottles, and food storage containers...

Stojo: Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers in Home, Kitchen and Dining

Stojo is an innovative company that specializes in providing unique and sustainable home, kitchen and dining products...


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Stojo is a home, kitchen and dining company based in (location) that designs earth-conscious products with an eye to sustainability. They specialize in collapsible and reusable cups, bottles, and food storage containers.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Stojo wants to make it easier for people to live sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. Their products are made from durable and resilient materials, so they will last for years of use. Plus, they are dishwasher safe so you can easily clean them after every use.

Products with Purpose

Stojo’s products are designed with purpose in mind. Their collapsible cups come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one to suit your needs. And their bottles are great for taking on the go - perfect for outdoor activities like camping or hiking! The food storage containers come in all different shapes and sizes too, so you can store whatever you need without taking up too much space.

Quality You Can Count On

When it comes to quality, Stojo delivers. All of their products are carefully designed and tested to ensure they will stand up to everyday use. They also back up their products with excellent customer service - if you ever have any issues or questions about your purchase, there’s always someone available to help you out!

Join the Movement

At Stojo, they believe everyone should have access to earth-conscious lifestyle options that make living sustainably easy. By using their reusable cups, bottles, and food storage containers instead of disposable ones, you can help save the planet one small step at a time! Join Stojo’s movement today – let’s all make our world a better place together!


Stojo Revs Up Kitchen and Dining Ecommerce with Gorgias

The Stojo team is always looking for the latest technology to help them deliver top-notch customer service, boost revenue from their ecommerce kitchen and dining space, and reduce checkout friction. For these reasons, they've chosen Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat as part of their store management strategy. This powerful platform enables customers to quickly find answers to their queries in self-service resources or via dynamic Macros. With Gorgias, Stojo can easily centralize orders, conversations, social comments, and more all in one view. By leveraging this innovative tool, Stojo has been able to increase its ecommerce sales and keep customers coming back time after time!

Stojo Increases Revenue with Judgeme Product Reviews

Experience the power of product reviews when shopping for kitchen and dining items at Stojo! To increase e-commerce revenue, Stojo uses a technology called Product Reviews to enhance their store design category. This fast-loading, fully customizable review app is available in 37 languages - allowing customers to get automatic emails after order fulfillment or delivery which include reviews with photos and videos. Utilizing this feature helps improve conversion rates by showing customer reviews on storefront widgets and sharing them on social media pages. Get more bang for your buck while discovering new products through the help of Product Reviews at Stojo today!

Stojo Boosts Home E-Commerce Revenue with Real-Time Shipping Solutions

Stojo, an e-commerce brand in the home space, has been using SC Shipping Rates Calculator + to increase their revenue. This technology helps take surprises out of checkout by providing customers with real-time international shipping rates and estimated delivery dates that are based on their location. With this feature, Stojo is able to eliminate unexpected costs at checkout while boosting conversion rates and deepening customer trust. By taking advantage of SC Shipping Rates Calculator +’s geolocation capabilities, Stojo can now offer a more seamless experience for shoppers when they make online purchases from their store. The result? More satisfied customers and higher revenues for Stojo's home e-commerce business.