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Stone and Strand

Gorgeous Jewelry from Stone and Strand, New York!

When it comes to jewelry, Stone and Strand is at the top of the list. Based in New York, they specialize in creating small, beautiful pieces that are made with solid gold and silver and ethically-sourced diamonds and natural gemstones...

Stone and Strand: Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers

Stone and Strand is an accessories and jewelry company that specializes in offering custom-designed pieces. The company works with a variety of designers to create unique pieces for customers...


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When it comes to jewelry, Stone and Strand is at the top of the list. Based in New York, they specialize in creating small, beautiful pieces that are made with solid gold and silver and ethically-sourced diamonds and natural gemstones.

Designs for Every Occasion

Whether you're looking for something special for a night out on the town or just want to add some sparkle to your everyday look, Stone and Strand's collection of accessories has something for every occasion. From stacking rings and layering necklaces to diamond earrings, hoop earrings, ear cuffs, tiny diamond studs and piercing jewelry - whatever your heart desires can be found here! And if you're looking for something extra special, Stone and Strand also offers personalized pieces that make great gifts.

Ethical Jewelry that Lasts

Not only do they offer stunning designs but all of their pieces are ethically sourced as well. Their commitment to ensuring conflict-free diamonds and natural gemstones means that each item is crafted with love - giving you peace of mind when buying high-quality jewelry that'll stand the test of time.

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So what are you waiting for? Check out Stone & Strand's amazing selection of jewelry today! Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else - it's never been easier to find beautiful accessories that'll make any look shine.

Stone and Strand

Discover the Perfect Gift with Stone and Strand's DROP A HINT Premium

Are you looking for the perfect gift but can't decide? Stone and Strand has made it easier than ever to find that special something. With their new technology, DROP A HINT Premium, customers can easily drop a hint to get what they really want. Simply pick out your favorite piece of jewelry from Stone and Strand's vast selection and let your loved ones know exactly what you desire! Increase revenue in the jewelry space today with this amazing app from Stone and Strand.

How Stone and Strand Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Technology

Stone and Strand, an ecommerce brand specializing in jewelry, has seen great success from the use of technology to optimize sales and conversions. By leveraging a product review system, customers are able to consult ratings and reviews before making their purchase decisions. This provides them with useful and credible information about products that they would not have been able to access before. With helpful customer feedback, Stone and Strand can continue to increase its ecommerce revenue as well as provide excellent service for its customers.

Stone and Strand Brings Financial Flexibility to Jewelry Shoppers

As a leader in the ecommerce jewelry space, Stone and Strand strives to give their customers the best possible shopping experience. To that end, they have partnered with Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging technology to provide shoppers with more financial flexibility when purchasing products from the brand. This innovative payment option allows customers to buy now and pay over time with transparent terms like no deferred interest or compounding fees so they can confidently make purchases without worrying about surprise costs later down the line. With Affirm’s help, Stone and Strand is able to increase their ecommerce revenue while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Stone and Strand Takes Post-Purchase Experience to the Next Level

At Stone and Strand, a leading ecommerce jewelry brand, customer satisfaction is top priority. So it’s no surprise that they recently implemented AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS in their store management category -- a technology designed to create world-class post-purchase experiences for buyers. With this system, customers can track shipments with over 1,000 global carriers on an interactive portal. AI-powered notifications keep them informed at every step of the process while reducing buyer anxiety and WISMO tickets. In addition, this new service has resulted in increased revenues for Stone and Strand as more customers are satisfied with their purchase experience.

Discover the Power of Stone and Strand's Store Design

At Stone and Strand, ecommerce has been revolutionized with Algolia Search and Discovery. This technology connects directly to the brand's Shopify store product catalog and collections, creating an effortless search experience for customers on any device. With features like autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets all in place, shoppers can quickly find what they're looking for with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Plus, it's easily scalable so that as your business grows, so does its capacity to serve you better. Discover how Stone and Strand is using this powerful technology to increase their jewelry ecommerce revenue today!

Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue with Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand, an ecommerce brand in the jewelry space, has discovered a powerful way to increase their revenue: Shoppable Instagram & UGC. This technology allows users to turn their Instagram content into shoppable galleries for online stores, email campaigns, and Shop Apps. When customers have access to this type of social shopping experience, it can help engage them and ultimately lead to purchase intent which increases sales. With Shoppable Instagram & UGC from Stone and Strand, you can give your customers everything they need for a successful online shopping spree!

Stone and Strand Gets Serious About eCommerce Revenue with Riseai

Stone and Strand, an innovative ecommerce jewelry brand, is taking their business to the next level with's advanced store management solutions. With its Gift Card sales feature and Store Credit management capabilities, Stone and Strand can increase customer loyalty by rewarding shoppers with exclusive rewards like store credits, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs that go beyond traditional points systems. By leveraging this technology in a creative way, Stone and Strand is transforming how it does business, improving retention rate and customer LTV all while boosting revenue from its online store.

Stone and Strand: Automating Fraud Protection for Increased Revenue

Stone and Strand, the ecommerce brand that specializes in accessories, understands the importance of ensuring their customers have a safe shopping experience. To ensure this security, they have incorporated NoFraud's fraud protection solution into their store management system. By leveraging AI and human intelligence to eliminate chargebacks, manual review decisioning and false declines, Stone and Strand is able to increase revenue while maintaining an impeccable level of customer satisfaction. With NoFraud's technology on board, shoppers can now rest assured knowing their transactions are secure when shopping with Stone and Strand.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with Stone and Strand Order Status Tracker

Stone and Strand, the leading ecommerce jewelry brand, is now leveraging a new technology in their store management category known as the Order Status Tracker. This innovative tool helps to minimize support costs while increasing customer satisfaction and generating repeat purchases. The tracker allows you to set up your domain, send email notifications, and translate your tracking page into various languages so that customers can easily follow their shipments no matter where they are located. Plus, it's mobile friendly and supports over 1,100 global carriers for shipment. With this advanced technology from Stone and Strand, you'll be able to maximize your ecommerce revenue in the jewelry space today!

Increase Ecommerce Revenue with FormPopper Technology

Stone and Strand, an ecommerce brand specializing in accessories, is using the innovative technology of FormPopper to increase their revenue. Developed by Promeate, a leading agency based out, FormPopper provides customers with feedback surveys, questionnaires, contact forms and more without ever leaving Stone and Strand's website. With quick page loading times and easy navigation for customers, this powerful tool helps boost conversions for better customer service and experience. Try it out today on Stone and Strand's demo store!

Elevate Ecommerce With Automated Returns Solution

Stone and Strand, an ecommerce brand specializing in accessories, is determined to increase revenue while providing customers with a seamless returns experience. To do so, they've turned to AfterShip Returns Center technology which helps automate their store management process. This allows them to recapture lost revenue by encouraging customers to exchange instead of return and set automation rules for maximum efficiency. The branded returns pages reduce customer anxiety and give Stone and Strand the best opportunity for success. By leveraging this innovative tech solution, Stone and Strand stands out from competitors as a leader in the space.

Stone and Strand Leverages Technology to Increase Revenue in Jewelry Space

Stone and Strand, one of the leading ecommerce brands in the jewelry space, has recently implemented a technology called Wishlist Plus to help increase their conversion rates and overall sales. With this powerful tool, customers can easily bookmark their favorite items so they can pick up where they left off when they return. Additionally, their activity is synced across multiple devices like their mobile app, allowing them to shop on any device with ease. Furthermore, Wishlist Plus enables users to share product lists via email, text message and social media for better collaboration between sales teams and customer service. This helps create more meaningful relationships that lead to increased conversions. Lastly, thanks to its event-triggered email campaigns feature through an external service provider (ESP), Stone and Strand have been able to capitalize even further on potential buyers who may have forgotten about them otherwise. In short, it's clear why this innovative technology has been such a boon for Stone and Strand's bottom line!

Turn Out of Stock into a Selling Opportunity

Stone and Strand, an ecommerce jewelry brand, is taking full advantage of the latest technology to increase their revenue. Utilizing Swym Back in Stock Alerts, customers can sign up for email or SMS notifications when items they are interested in become available again. This advanced inventory control feature also includes batch alert sending capabilities, allowing Stone and Strand to maximize sales by capturing customer demand before having inventory on hand. Setting Up this system takes just 5 minutes with custom options available too - ensuring that Stone and Strand never miss out on the chance to convert shoppers into buyers.