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SUPERFRAU: Springfield's Refreshing Drink Revolution!
Soda And Water

Superfrau, located in Springfield, is a unique and innovative beverage company offering sparkling canned drinks made with fresh whey and natural flavors. The goal of Superfrau is to provide gut-friendly and mood-enhancing beverages that will take your taste buds on an exciting journey...

SUPERFRAU is a company that specializes in providing high-quality, refreshing drinks to their customers. The company offers a wide range of drinks ranging from sodas, waters, teas and more...


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Superfrau, located in Springfield, is a unique and innovative beverage company offering sparkling canned drinks made with fresh whey and natural flavors. The goal of Superfrau is to provide gut-friendly and mood-enhancing beverages that will take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

Refreshing Taste and Health Benefits

Superfrau's products are designed to be refreshing, flavorful, and nutritious. Each drink is made with fresh whey infused with natural flavors like elderberry, ginger root, mint, raspberry, and more for a delicious experience that's good for you too. Not only does the whey make the drinks pleasantly fizzy but it also provides essential vitamins and minerals for overall gut health.

A Unique Way to Drink Your Whey

Whey has long been known as one of the best sources of protein available. While most people think of taking whey powder or supplements as a way to get their daily dose of protein, Superfrau has created a unique way to consume this beneficial nutrient - through their sparkling canned beverages! Whether you're looking for something light and fruity or something bolder with a kick, Superfrau offers a variety of tasty options sure to satisfy all palates.

An Exciting Experience Every Time

Each can of Superfrau contains not just delicious flavor but also mood-enhancing ingredients like adaptogens and herbs. These special ingredients work together to lift your mood while providing essential nutrients for overall health and wellbeing. Plus, the exciting range of flavors makes each sip an adventure - no two cans will ever be exactly alike! This combination of taste, nutrition, and excitement makes Superfrau the perfect choice when you're looking for something new to drink. Whether you're looking for a refreshing mid-day pick-me-up or something fun to enjoy after dinner, Superfrau's range of sparkling drinks have got you covered! So don't wait any longer - get fizzy with Superfrau today!


SUPERFRAU Uses Technology to Increase E-commerce Revenue

SUPERFRAU, an e-commerce brand in the soda and water space, is using a technology called Stockist Store Locator in its store design. This tech helps SUPERFRAU increase their online revenue by making it easier for customers to find stores where they can purchase Superfrau products. The thoughtfully designed locator simplifies the search process and reduces customer support inquiries, all while building trust in the brand. It highlights retailers, dealers, and more so that customers know exactly where they can buy from SUPERFRAU. Thanks to this innovative technology, SUPERFRAU has seen impressive growth in its e-commerce business!

SUPERFRAU Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Cross-Store Selling

The modern eCommerce brand, SUPERFRAU, has taken an innovative approach to increasing their revenue in the drink space. By utilizing a technology called Carro, they have connected top Shopify stores together and are now able to offer cross-store selling of products. This means that customers can purchase items from other stores directly without having to go through physical inventory or minimum order quantities. Not only does this help increase sales for both retailers and suppliers, but it also allows them to bring existing partners on board as well! With Carro's help, SUPERFRAU is quickly becoming one of the leading brands in eCommerce and is sure to continue seeing success in the future.

SUPERFRAU's Tech-Savvy Solution to Increase E-commerce Revenue

The e-commerce brand, SUPERFRAU has found a tech-savvy solution to increase their revenue in the soda and water space. They have implemented Handshake for Suppliers, a technology created by Shopify which curates products from quality brands that are available to approved retailers. This allows them to discover and order unique products with one integrated platform for managing all of their products, orders, and buyers. Once an application to sell is approved, they own it! With this powerful tool at their disposal, SUPERFRAU can confidently find the best products on offer and make sure those items contribute positively towards their e-commerce goals.

SUPERFRAU Grows Sales with Instafeed Instagram Feed

SUPERFRAU, the e-commerce brand that specializes in soda and water products, is leveraging Mintt - Instafeed to its advantage. This technology allows SUPERFRAU to incorporate minimal and elegant Instagram feeds into their store within one minute! Showcasing photos and Reels on the site helps them in building social proof, convert viewers into customers, and give their store a boost. The use of this technology has greatly increased SUPERFRAU's revenue in the beverage industry, showing just how powerful it can be for any e-commerce business.

How SUPERFRAU Boosts Revenue with Social Proof Technology

SUPERFRAU, an e-commerce brand in the soda and water space, has embraced a technology called Loox Product Reviews & Photos to increase sales. This social proof solution helps build trust by collecting product reviews with photos and videos from customers. The beautiful widgets display these reviews on the website to provide visitors more assurance before buying. Additionally, rewards are given for referrals, which help reach new audiences that may not have known about SUPERFRAU otherwise. With fully customizable features, this technology is helping SUPERFRAU boost revenue in the e-commerce market.

SUPERFRAU Increases Revenue with Pre-Order Feature

SUPERFRAU, an e-commerce brand specializing in soda and water products, is using a cutting edge technology called Amai PreOrder Manager + Notify to increase sales. This tool replaces the "Add to Cart" button on selected products, variants, and/or collections with a ‘Pre-Order’ button. By offering customers the ability to pre-order items that may be temporarily out of stock or unavailable for purchase, SUPERFRAU can capture otherwise missed sales. In addition, this feature helps avoid customer disappointment when products are not immediately available while also giving them insights into demand trends before making inventory decisions. With Amai PreOrder Manager + Notify, SUPERFRAU has found their ideal solution for increasing revenue in the online soda and water space.

Unlock The Power of Product Reviews To Boost SUPERFRAU's E-Commerce Revenue

SUPERFRAU is taking e-commerce to the next level with a technology called Product Reviews. By leveraging this powerful tool, SUPERFRAU can increase their revenue in the drink space by giving customers useful and credible information about their products and services before making a purchase. With detailed customer reviews, ratings, and other feedback available at customers' fingertips, they can make better buying decisions while feeling more confident in their choices. This not only helps give potential buyers peace of mind but also encourages returning customers who are sure that they have chosen the right product for them each time. With Product Reviews, SUPERFRAU unlocks the power of customer opinions and lets them drive increased sales through improved store design.

SUPERFRAU's Winning Subscription Solution: Boosting E-Commerce Revenue

SUPERFRAU has quickly emerged as a leading e-commerce brand in the soda and water space, thanks to its innovative use of technology. Leveraging Recharge Subscriptions, SUPERFRAU is able to offer customers a highly scalable, customizable experience while helping turn one-time shoppers into loyal subscribers. With an integrated platform that allows customers to manage their subscriptions directly from the store, SUPERFRAU is able to increase both customer retention rates and overall revenue. As more people look for convenient and cost-effective ways to purchase products online, SUPERFRAU’s subscription solution is sure to remain top of mind.

SUPERFRAU Leverages Technology for Increased E-commerce Revenue

SUPERFRAU, an e-commerce brand specializing in soda and water products, has implemented a revolutionary technology called Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots to help increase sales. This customer experience platform helps online stores provide excellent customer service by utilizing ready-to-use sales and support chatbots that immediately answer the most common questions of their customers. By managing all messages in one place, SUPERFRAU can better serve its customers while simultaneously increasing revenue. Thanks to this innovative new technology, SUPERFRAU continues to grow as a leader in the soda and water space!