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The Qi

The Qi

Discover the Healing Power of Qi's Whole Flower Teas!
Health And Wellness

The Qi is a New York-based company that makes whole flower teas which are inspired by Eastern holistic healing wisdom. For those looking to increase their joy, beauty, and inner calm on a daily basis, The Qi's drinks provide just the right amount of health and wellness...

The Qi: Harnessing the Power of Digital for Drink, Health And Wellness, Tea

The Qi is a market leader in the Drink, Health and Wellness and Tea verticals...


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The Qi is a New York-based company that makes whole flower teas which are inspired by Eastern holistic healing wisdom. For those looking to increase their joy, beauty, and inner calm on a daily basis, The Qi's drinks provide just the right amount of health and wellness.

What Is The Qi?

The Qi is a modern-day tea company with a mission to empower people to feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm. Their signature product, whole flower teas, are designed to nourish physical and spiritual wellbeing. They believe that with the right ingredients, anyone can achieve a better quality of life through improved mental clarity and emotional balance.

How Do The Qi’s Teas Work?

The Qi blends unique ingredients from traditional Eastern medicine - such as jasmine flowers, chamomile blossoms, ginseng root powder, and other herbs - with modern science to create whole flower teas that are healthy and refreshing. Through their proprietary process, they also infuse each cup with positive energy and healing vibrations to promote overall wellbeing.

Benefits Of Drinking The Qi’s Teas

Whether enjoyed hot or cold, The Qi's teas can help reduce stress levels while boosting focus and concentration. Plus, the natural ingredients used in their teas are packed with antioxidants which support the immune system and aid in digestion. In addition to these benefits for physical health, drinking these products will help bring about an overall sense of peace and serenity that can be felt throughout the body.

Find Your Inner Calm With The Qi

At The Qi you'll find delicious flavors like Rosemary Orange Blossom Honeybush Tea which has notes of sweet oranges paired with herbaceous rosemary for a flavor that is both vibrant yet calming. And their Ginger Lemon Balm Tea is perfect for those who need an extra boost of energy as it combines ginger root with lemon balm for an invigorating pick-me-up! Whether you're looking for something energizing or relaxing; sweet or savory; hot or cold - there's something perfect just waiting to be discovered at The Qi!

The Qi

The Qi's Social Success: How Instafeed Drives Tea E-Commerce Profits

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the tea space, has been using a technology called Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed to power their marketing and conversion efforts. With Mintt - Instafeed, they can add minimal and elegant Instagram feeds to their store quickly with photos and Reels that help build social proof for potential customers. This helps The Qi convert more of their store visitors into paying customers by providing them with an engaging shopping experience. Through this strategy, The Qi is able to drive up its revenue in the tea industry as well as strengthen its presence on social media platforms.

The Qi Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Revolutionary Technology

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the tea space, is leveraging a revolutionary technology to increase its revenue and optimize customer satisfaction. Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat provides fast-growing merchants with powerful tools to convert more shoppers and retain them longer. This store management category helps centralize orders, conversations, social comments and DMs into one ticket view for easier order tracking. Additionally, merchants can reduce checkout friction by providing self-service resources that offer instant answers or dynamic Macros. By implementing this innovative service, The Qi has been able to drastically improve their business processes and expand their reach within the e-commerce sector.

The Qi Sips Up Revenue with Judgeme Product Reviews

As a drinks company, The Qi understands the importance of customer satisfaction and uses technology to help them reach their goals. One such tool is’s product reviews which helps to increase conversion rates in the e-commerce space for them. With this user-friendly review app that can be customized in 37 languages, customers are able to leave feedback regarding products or services they have used from The Qi after order fulfillment or delivery. These reviews, along with photos and videos, are then featured on widgets on the storefront as well as social media accounts, helping build trust between potential customers and The Qi's brand. Thanks to these features, The Qi has been able to boost its revenue while also increasing customer loyalty by highlighting what people think about their products and services.

The Qi Powers Up Revenue with AI-Driven Tech

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the tea space, has implemented a powerful technology called Rebuy Personalization Engine. This sophisticated solution combines proprietary AI/ML tech, modern software and integrations, and customizable merchandising rules to create personalized shopping experiences for customers from start to finish. With these highly advanced capabilities, The Qi can now increase its e-commerce revenue by providing shoppers with tailored customer journeys that result in higher conversions. It's no wonder why The Qi chose this innovative approach - it's all about maximizing results!

Smart SEO Boosts The Qi's E-Commerce Revenue

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the health and wellness space, has used Smart SEO technology to help increase their online revenue. With Smart SEO, they can improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of their store and rank higher on SERPs. This powerful tool offers automated solutions that enable businesses to tackle important aspects such as meta tags, image optimization, page speed, and more. Smart SEO makes it simpler for businesses to understand the complexities of SEO while also increasing ROI quickly. By using this innovative software, The Qi is able to drive more traffic and customers to its website with greater success than ever before.

The Qi Harnessing Technology to Boost Wellness Revenues

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the health and wellness space, has been using a revolutionary technology called Smile to help boost their revenue. With this innovative store design feature, customers can express their gratitude for The Qi's products with emojis. This cutting-edge marketing strategy ensures that more positive feedback is generated, ultimately resulting in increased sales and revenues for The Qi. By harnessing the power of Smile, The Qi continues to be a leader in the health and wellness industry.

The Qi Leverages Loyalty Rewards for Increased Revenue

The Qi, an e-commerce brand in the drink space, has successfully implemented a technology called Loyalty & Rewards. This powerful marketing tool helps to increase The Qi's revenue and customer loyalty through automated emails that are sent out to shoppers. Easily deployable with no upfront costs, Loyalty & Rewards tracks customers' purchases which can be used to generate targeted offers or promotions tailored to each individual. By combining modern technologies with effective marketing strategies, The Qi is able to maximize their profit potential while providing exceptional service to their customers.