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Exploring Nature in Thesus Outdoor Shoes.
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Thesus Outdoors is a Toronto-based company that makes collections of outdoor boots and clogs from sustainable materials. Formerly Alice + Whittles, the team at Thesus believes that if we are all more connected to nature, we would be happier and healthier...

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Thesus Outdoors is a leading online retailer in the Shoes, Outdoor, Activities And Outdoor vertical...


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Thesus Outdoors is a Toronto-based company that makes collections of outdoor boots and clogs from sustainable materials. Formerly Alice + Whittles, the team at Thesus believes that if we are all more connected to nature, we would be happier and healthier. As such, they are dedicated to creating environmentally progressive footwear for those who want to Be Outside.

Sustainable Materials

Thesus uses materials like cork, rubber, vegetable tanned leather, and other eco-friendly options to construct their shoes. This ensures minimal environmental impact while still offering superior comfort and durability. As a result, they can create products that are both stylish and sustainable.

Outdoor Activities

No matter what your outdoor activity is, Thesus has the perfect shoe for it! Their collections feature everything from casual clogs for gardening or walking in nature, to heavy-duty boots for trekking through snowy mountains. With their range of outdoor footwear styles suitable for any activity in any terrain or climate, you can rest assured you'll find the perfect pair of shoes for your next adventure.

Comfort & Style

Thesus' shoes are designed with comfort in mind so you don't have to worry about sore feet when exploring the outdoors! Additionally, their shoes come in a variety of colors and styles so you can look good while doing your favorite activities. Whether it's camping trips or urban hikes - Thesus has got you covered!

A Commitment to Nature

At Thesus Outdoors, they strive to make sure that their production processes are as sustainable as possible. They use renewable energy sources whenever possible, recycle paper packaging materials wherever feasible, and ensure that all materials used meet their high standards of sustainability. All of these steps help them reduce their carbon footprint while still producing top-notch products that give customers peace of mind knowing that they're helping protect our planet too when wearing a pair of Thesus shoes!

Making Connections with Nature

Ultimately, the mission of Thesus Outdoors is simple: To encourage people to connect with nature through beautiful and sustainable footwear designs. By providing comfortable yet stylish shoes made from eco-friendly materials - they hope to inspire more people to go out there and explore the great outdoors! After all - it's better for us (and our planet) when we're connected with nature!
So whether you're looking for some reliable outdoor gear or just want something stylish for everyday wear - head on over to Thesus Outdoors' website today! You won't regret it!

Thesus Outdoors

Thesus Outdoors Increases Revenue with Upsell Technology

Thesus Outdoors, an ecommerce brand in the outdoor space, is using a technology called Bold Upsell ‑ True upsells! to increase their revenue. With this marketing and conversion tool, Thesus Outdoors can easily set up cross-sells and upsell offers within minutes and schedule them for key selling seasons. Customers are encouraged to spend more in order to reach free shipping minimums while also being offered multiple upsell opportunities as part of an optimized funnel system. This powerful tool has enabled Thesus Outdoors to maximize their sales potential, driving increased profits and making them one of the top leaders in the industry.

Unlock Increased Revenue with Thesus Outdoors and Sezzle

Thesus Outdoors is an ecommerce brand that specializes in outdoor apparel, gear and accessories. They are using a technology called Sezzle to help increase their ecommerce revenue. This innovative payment platform provides customers the ability to buy now and pay later with interest-free installment plans. With this tool, Thesus Outdoors can provide its customers with more convenient checkout options while still receiving immediate payments for orders placed - allowing them to unlock increased revenue potential in the outdoor space.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue: Thesus Outdoors and Klarna OnSite Messaging

Thesus Outdoors is always looking for ways to increase their ecommerce revenue in the shoes space. They have recently partnered with Klarna On‑Site Messaging, a cutting edge technology designed to customize messaging on banners, product pages, and carts. This allows customers to see buy now pay later (BNPL) options while they are still shopping, which leads to more conversions at checkout. With this innovative solution, Thesus Outdoors can easily boost their business growth by providing shoppers with convenient payment options that meet their needs.

Thesus Outdoors Boosts Ecommerce with Product Reviews

Tapping into the customer opinion of other shoppers, Thesus Outdoors has adopted a modern shopping experience through the use of technology. By utilizing Product Reviews in their store design category, they have been able to increase revenue and provide customers with an enhanced level of trust for activities and outdoor space purchases. This extension is designed to create and collect detailed reviews from customers about products and services that will be beneficial for future buyers. With the help of this technology, Thesus Outdoors can ensure customer satisfaction while creating a more enjoyable shopping process.

Ecommerce Revenue Soars with Thesus Outdoors and Reamaze

Thesus Outdoors has been transforming the way they manage their ecommerce store, primarily in the shoes space. By turning to a customer support and engagement platform called Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM, they have seen dramatic increases in revenue while also providing an enhanced customer experience. With features like built-in FAQ, Live Chat, Chatbots, Web Push Notifications, Status Pages and Surveys all found within one Multi-Channel Unified Team Inbox customers can get help quickly when needed. Additionally, it's easy for Thesus Outdoor to connect to over 30 popular apps to further streamline operations. As a result of implementing Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM into its online business model, Thesus Outdoor is seeing more satisfied customers that come back time after time - boosting their overall ecommerce revenue from selling shoes exponentially!

Thesus Outdoors Boosts Ecommerce Revenue With Shop Pay Installments

Thesus Outdoors is leveraging a powerful technology to boost their ecommerce revenue in the activities and outdoor space. Returnly by Affirm provides an easy way for customers to return and exchange products, leading to increased customer retention and reduced costs of returns. By using Shop Pay Installments through Returnly by Affirm, Thesus Outdoors can save $50 each month! This allows them to create more opportunities for growth while providing a seamless experience for their customers. With this innovative solution, Thesus Outdoors has achieved greater success with its online store management category.

Thesus Outdoors Reaps Rewards with Automated SEO Optimization

Thesus Outdoors, an ecommerce brand in the shoes space, is taking advantage of advanced technologies to boost revenue. Through a technology called SEO Manager | venntov, Thesus Outdoors has found success in enhancing their marketing and conversion efforts. This user-friendly app makes it easy for merchants of any size to understand and optimize store search engine optimization (SEO). Featuring real-time performance reports and automated tools, Thesus Outdoors can quickly take action on opportunities that yield greater visibility on Google searches as well as more customers. With these smart techniques, Thesus Outdoor's ecommerce business continues to see great results!