Discover Luxury Threads with Canadian Design and Italian Craftsmanship!
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Threads is a Canadian-based clothing brand creating high-quality and comfortable hosiery designed in Canada and made in Italy. Their collection of tights, socks, and accessories are perfect for any occasion or look...

Threads is an online clothing, accessories, socks and tights store that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Through their website (, they offer a wide range of products for men, women, and children...


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Threads Online Store

Threads is a Canadian-based clothing brand creating high-quality and comfortable hosiery designed in Canada and made in Italy. Their collection of tights, socks, and accessories are perfect for any occasion or look. Threads has been dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality products at an affordable price, without the need for middlemen.

The Threads Difference

At Threads, they believe that style should not come at the cost of comfort. That’s why all their hosiery features luxurious fabrics and unique designs that are as comfortable as they are stylish. All products are also made using eco-friendly materials that help reduce environmental impact and maximize sustainability. Plus, all items arrive at your door free of charge!

Comfort Meets Quality

Threads uses only the highest quality materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton and lycra to ensure that each item is durable and comfortable. Every product is crafted with care by skilled artisans in Italy who oversee every step of production to guarantee superior quality standards. Additionally, every item is hand-inspected before it leaves their facility to ensure its perfection.

Style For Every Occassion

Threads offers an extensive selection of tights, socks and accessories for both men and women so you can find something perfect for any occasion or look. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or edgy, there’s something for everyone in their collection. With so many options available, you can easily create a unique style that expresses your individual personality!

Buy One Time Or Subscribe

Threads makes it easy to purchase one time or subscribe to one of their monthly plans so you can always have access to fresh styles when you need them most! With hassle-free returns included on all purchases, you can rest assured knowing that your satisfaction is always guaranteed with Threads products.

Shop Threads Today

Experience the comfort and quality of Threads today! With incredible styles at an affordable price point, there’s never been a better time to shop this amazing brand. Get ready to feel the difference with Threads hosiery - the best tights you'll ever wear!


Threads Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Geolocation Tech

Threads, the ecommerce brand specializing in store design, is revolutionizing the accessories space by leveraging cutting edge technology. With geolocation, Threads can personalize their online shopping experience to cater to customers in different countries and languages. This customization results in maximum efficiency while providing a seamless user experience that fits within Thread's overall brand identity. Visitors have complete control over their country and language preferences at any time with this intuitive app. As such, Threads has been able to drive up its revenues significantly as more shoppers become aware of their unique offerings thanks to the convenience of geolocation technology.

Threads Maximizes Ecommerce Revenue with Pixelpop Popups Banners

Threads, an ecommerce brand in the socks and tights space, has recently begun to use a powerful technology called Pixelpop Popups & Banners to increase their online revenue. This incredible platform allows Threads to customize popups for email signup, coupon codes, and more. With 7 types of customizable popups available as well as 4 popup shapes to choose from, Threads can easily adjust colors, text, images and placement according to their needs. The ease of installation ensures that anyone can quickly install and implement this technology on their website within seconds. The result? Increased conversion rates and greater revenues for Threads!

Take Control of Your Ecommerce Revenue with Threads

Threads is the go-to destination for stylish apparel, but that's not all they offer. Their unique store design has revolutionized their ecommerce success in the clothing space. Through the use of EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ, customers can quickly and easily access relevant product information to make an informed purchase decision. This hassle-free technology allows customers to find what they need without having to scroll through long product descriptions or search endlessly for answers. In addition, these tabs also provide a great way to showcase collections, discounts and other promotions that generate more revenue for Threads' online business. Whether you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe or increase your sales potential, trust Threads and its innovative use of EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ to get the job done!

Threads Increases Revenue with UGC Technology

Threads, the ecommerce brand specializing in socks and tights, has seen a dramatic increase in revenue by leveraging user generated content (UGC) technology. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC allows Threads to showcase customer feedback on their website, giving shoppers an easy and effective way of researching products before making a purchase decision. This technology also helps Threads quickly moderate reviews and comments while ensuring that only relevant information is displayed for customers. With this powerful feature, Threads can better optimize product descriptions for search engines and convert more visitors into paying customers. Furthermore, the integration of Instagram Shoppable Gallery encourages users to post photos of themselves wearing Thread's items, which then creates organic engagement from other potential buyers. Ultimately, Threads' use of UGC technology has proven invaluable as it continues to drive sales and create competitive advantages within the industry.

Unlock the Power of Visual Insights to Boost Threads' Revenue

Threads, an ecommerce brand, is using a technology called Hotjar to gain insights into their customers and increase revenue in the clothing space. Through visual data, Hotjar helps Threads understand user behavior with heatmaps, recordings, polls and surveys. With this valuable information it's easy for Threads to identify areas that need improvement or are working well and maximize customer satisfaction. By leveraging this powerful platform, Threads can make informed decisions about how best to improve its products and services – driving more sales and increasing overall revenue.

Threads Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Referral Marketing Technology

Threads, an ecommerce brand in the clothing space, has seen great success with their strategic use of Viral Loops Referral Marketing. This innovative marketing and conversion technology enables Threads to drive customer engagement by creating tailored referral programs that incentivize customers to refer their friends. Furthermore, it offers a variety of customizable templates and tools for designing, launching, and tracking campaigns which allows Threads to monitor program performance and maximize return on investment. By implementing this powerful technique into their strategy, Threads is able to increase its ecommerce revenue from referrals while providing valuable rewards for loyal customers.