Pagefly vs. Replo: What’s The Difference?

Noah Gilmore

Noah Gilmore

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce software platforms available for companies and is utilized by thousands but a large number of users requires companies to stand out among others. Creating an experience for customers that want to come back is done through valuable marketing strategies and unique content creation.

Applicable to any industry on Shopify or size of a company, all need help in creating and/or customizing their site to maximize profits and internet traffic. There are several page-building platforms on the market for companies but may differ depending on their price, features, and functionality.

In this article, you will learn about two content management platforms that run through Shopify in order to grasp the necessities for creating a company or maximizing its profits:

  • Using Replo
  • Using Pagefly
  • Which platform is best suited for your company

 what is replo

What Is Replo?

Replo is a web development software for Shopify store pages that allows companies to customize or completely build a website from scratch using preloaded templates. After creating a Replo account, and installing their Shopify app, users can now access a dashboard where pages can be edited and eventually published to their Shopify site

This content management system includes various page templates and the ability to share projects for maximized team collaboration. Replo users also have the ability to create their own themes if they wish to, in order to create a unique experience for customers.

Using Replo

The level of customizability when utilizing Replo can be completed down to the pixel and offers a unique experience for developers that includes choosing every last color and spacing parameter. Server-side rendering is also employed to ensure that there is no delay when users view the page's content.

Replo follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that include setting alternative text for various content that creates an easier shopping experience for readers.

what is Pagefly

What Is Pagefly?

Pagefly is also a Shopify app that aids businesses in creating custom pages or areas of a brand on Shopify whereas Replo can optimize existing content as well as help to create new ones.

Using Pagefly

Similar to Replo’s easy-to-use structure, Pagefly is also marketable for owners that may not have experience in coding or computer software. This system employs the common drag-and-drop feature which is a tool that allows almost any internet user to understand, where images or content can be dragged to areas based on a template provided.

Pagefly also helps to create responsive platforms that are compatible with all digital devices, meaning the content will adapt to whether the user has a laptop or a cellphone.


Although this platform is fairly easy to use, users have reported issues regarding the load time of certain pages or content and particularly with websites that have a comprehensive website.

The drag-and-drop feature allows for ease when creating a custom page but does not offer many innovative or unique options other than templates that are seen in other comparable Shopify apps.

Pagefly vs Replo: What’s The Difference?

We’ve talked about the individual features of the two platforms, but how do they match up when compared?


Pagefly is less expensive than Replo based on any plan that is chosen, but greatly varies in the features offered. Pagefly does offer a free plan but lacks options for customization and growth, and only relevant for companies that only carry a singular product. The highest-tiered plan is $199 a month and includes an unlimited number of blog post pages for participants.

Replo maintains a four-tiered plans system that ranges from $99 a month to a custom enterprise plan that can vary depending on the company's needs. This means unlimited features, no trial period deadlines, and pricing that scales only as you grow!

pagefly page builder

Page Builder

Both platforms do not require the use of code or computer science skills that allow for page building to be accessible and user-friendly. The use of templates can help users get started with their page but then utilize a multitude of options to increase its customization.

Animations, color tones, and certain images down to the pixel can be altered using Replo. For more creative features, check out the Replo Library of landing pages. You can search by category and find templates from the world’s top brands in one place!

Extra Features

Replo offers a wide variety of features for users that include the ability to create unlimited drafts, regardless of their plan as well as many more templates than Pagefly offers.

Replo also prioritizes customer support and a Slack workspace is included in all plans to troubleshoot any problems and aid in collaborations with others.

Although Replo may be more expensive for companies, it offers a larger option of features.


Pagefly offers a function for conversion rate optimization that can benefit Shopify owners. Both Replo and Pagefly offer built-in metrics to track a company's revenue or time on a page because of their integration with Shopify’s analytics.

Both platforms integrate Shopify with their data as a means to simplify the compilation and analysis of a company's data.

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Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Option For Your Online Shop?

Both Replo and Pagefly offer companies with high levels of customization and user experience for Shopify websites. Each company also does not require the same features or necessities depending on its size and end goal.

A company looking to invest in Pagefly may be a start-up or generally new company that requires easy customizing of pages and the appearance of templates to get them up and running. Replo offers more features that are best suited for a more mature company that includes sizable pages and content, but also may have a theme that is followed throughout the website.

Creating a unique and stand-out website is done by utilizing platforms in which companies can be provided with helpful support and a range of options to pick from.

If you’re looking to take your Shopify experience to the next level, Replo can help! We supercharge our clients' Shopify stores with our pre-built landing pages, which are designed to improve user experience, increase conversions, and maximize profits.

Book a demo today, and let us show you how we can help take your Shopify store to the next level!

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