Pagefly vs. Replo: What’s The Difference?

Josephine Cheng

Josephine Cheng

What Is Replo?

Replo is a web development tool that helps e-commerce companies launch effective marketing funnels to boost their conversion rates. We enable businesses on Shopify to build a website and create landing pages completely from scratch or using our collection of hundreds of preloaded templates inspired by top brands.

From utilizing hundreds of built-in Online Store 2.0 sections and page templates, to partnering with our Replo Experts network, to iterating with our Experiments tool, to tracking results with integrated analytics—Replo gives ecommerce businesses the tools, data, and actionable insights to grow.

Replo Landing Page

Key Features on Replo

Replo offers a drag-and-drop landing page designer that is quick and easy to use, and offers a full range of customization options. With Replo, you can tailor your Shopify pages down to the pixel, creating a unique experience where every color and spacing parameter is exactly as you want it.

To ensure fast load times, Replo employs server-side rendering, so users can see your content without any delay. Plus, Replo adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which means it includes features like alternative text for images to create a smoother shopping experience for everyone.

Key functionalities include:

  • Build landing pages, home pages, product pages, blogs, and custom 2.0 sections with native Shopify functionality and analytics
  • Saved components that are reusable across pages and stores to save you time while page building
  • Detailed SEO controls to make sure your pages get the traffic they deserve
  • Work faster—create optimized pages and CRO strategies yourself, or tap into our Replo Experts
  • Deliver consistent and on-brand experiences using saved sections
  • Optimize your online store performance with our Experiments (A/B Testing) tool
  • Leverage AI content generation to go from concept to execution in a few clicks
  • In-house Analytics for page metrics coming soon!

Pagefly versus Replo

What Is Pagefly?

PageFly is also an intuitive landing page drag-and-drop editor. They help businesses in creating custom pages or brands on Shopify, and allows users to start from scratch using their extensive element library, or their collection of templates. In addition, you can create custom sections and seamlessly integrate them into your theme via app blocks.

Key Features on Pagefly

Similar to Replo’s easy-to-use structure, Pagefly is also a good fit for business owners that may not have coding skills or experience in computer software. The system employs the common drag-and-drop feature, and all content on Pagefly is responsive across different digital devices.

Key functionalities include:

  • Page and section templates for landing, home, product, collections and more
  • Provides CRO-focused elements for product pages, such as countdown timer, color swatches, and cross-selling features
  • SEO-friendly pages that don’t slow down your store
  • Responsive designs for mobile and tablet display
  • It’s compatible with all themes, and you can add sections to any theme effortlessly
  • Page loading optimized for speed

Pagefly vs Replo: What’s The Difference?

Now that we’ve talked about the individual features of the two platforms, let’s take a look at how they match up against each other.

Pagefly vs Figma Comparison Chart

Core Features

Both platforms are no-code landing page builders with drag-and-drop functions and user-friendly interfaces, meaning that anyone can design the pages they need in minutes. In addition, both platforms pull directly from Shopify catalog data, publish directly to Shopify themes, and enable quick building and launching of product pages and homepages. Replo and Pagefly integrate with a majority of users’ tech stacks.

However, Replo has a far greater range of functionality than Pagefly, including complex, rich animations and interaction, 1000+ templates from award winning brands, and the ability to export anything as an online store 2.0 section on Shopify. On top of that, Replo allows reusable components across multiple stores, while Pagefly does not.

Although Pagefly is fairly easy to use, users have reported issues regarding bugs, technical issues, and broken functionalities. In addition, users have reflected that the platform’s pricing plans, particularly the “pay as you go” 5-page for $24 a month, to be impractical and not cost-effective. Some users have noted poor customer experience due to slow response times and unhelpful interactions, as well as feeling the app to be unreliable.

All in all, while Pagefly's drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create a custom page, it does not offer many innovative or more powerful options that allow for a greater degree of customization.

Advanced Features

More complex features such as built-in A/B Testing, SEO controls, as well as AI content generation and AI page builders are only available on Replo. In addition, Pagefly currently does not offer built-in Analytics. Replo’s built-in Analytics tool is coming soon.


Pagefly’s pricing options range from free up to $199 a month. The free plan only allows users to publish one page and lacks options for customization and growth. The highest-tiered paid plan is $199 a month and includes an unlimited number of blog post pages and 24/7 live chat support for all users.

On the other hand, Replo maintains a five-tiered plan ranging from a free plan, to basic, to standard, to growth, to a custom enterprise plan that can vary depending on the company's needs. The free plan does not allow published pages, while the basic plan allows for 10 published pages. Users on Replo can create unlimited drafts and get access to 24/7 live customer support and a Slack workspace regardless of their plans. Replo’s pricing is meant to enable unlimited features, no trial period deadlines, and pricing that scales only as you grow.

Examples of Landing Pages

Figuring Out The Best Option For Your Online Store

Identifying the right tool for your online store depends on your specific needs and goals.

For power landing page builders and serious ecommerce businesses, Replo is the more suitable choice. It offers unmatched customization, flexibility, and innovative features like AI content generation and A/B testing. Replo’s integration with Shopify and server-side rendering ensures fast load times and seamless user experiences, crucial for driving conversions.

Replo also excels in support, providing 24/7 live assistance and access to a community of users on Slack and a network of Experts. This level of support is essential for businesses aiming to maximize their site’s performance and customer experience. While Pagefly might be suitable for simpler, smaller projects due to its ease of use and lower cost, it lacks the advanced features and reliability that Replo offers.

Ultimately, the best option for your online store should align with your business objectives and the level of innovation you require. For businesses looking to scale and provide a top-notch user experience, Replo stands out as the more powerful and reliable platform.

Build Your Ecommerce Landing Pages with Replo

With Replo, you can not only easily create pages for your Shopify store in our no-code editor, you can also access our collection of hundreds of landing page templates inspired by top brands to start building your own landing pages. Browse through them to get started and save time by adapting a template (or however many as you like) for your own site.

In addition, Replo integrates directly with Shopify, pulls in your Shopify catalog data, and publishes directly to your Shopify theme, meaning that you can start building in minutes with a top landing page builder designed for Shopify.

Best of all, Replo comes with a community of professional Experts for hire and 24/7 support to help you make the most out of Replo. For more informational resources on all topics related to marketing and ecommerce—from comparison shopping engines to dropshipping to A/B testing—check out our blog!

Visit us to get started, or reach out to schedule a demo with us. Join our Slack community and follow us on X to stay updated.

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