Let your shoppers select the product options for items they purchase with dropdown menus, color and variant image swatches, and radio buttons. You can even bundle add-on products to your product option selections to increase prices.

Infinite Options

Infinite Options

Developed By
Shoppad inc.

What is Infinite Options?

Infinite Options by ShopPad is a Shopify App to help shoppers edit their product options by adding lively elements like dropdown menus, image swatches, text, number inputs, checkboxes, calendars and radio buttons. This element can only be used once per page.

What are the benefits of using Infinite Options?

There are five main benefits of using Infinite Options by ShopPad, including presenting infinite options, and add-ons (per-option charges), to customize and visualize better with product bundling.

What is included in Infinite Options by the ShopPad plan?

There is only one plan available on Infinite Options by ShopPad, as it includes unlimited options to edit, POS Payment Support, Swatches, product bundles, and conditional logic along with all input types, including Text, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Drop-Downs…