We're KnoCommerce, the post-purchase survey (PPS) platform that delivers valuable insights through customer surveys. Uncover your customers' motivations and preferences, and scale your marketing channels through effective attribution.



What is KnoCommerce?

Take advantage of our targeted audiences, pre-built templates, attribution models, benchmarking, and actionable insights. Enhance your post purchase analysis and foster better connections with your customers while driving deeper engagement with actions.

How to Design Simple, Sophisticated Surveys

KnoCommerce’s platform specializes in sophisticated, tactical surveys and powerful reporting, giving brands unprecedented insight into customer engagement and attribution.

When brands run surveys with KnoCommerce, they’re typically gathering two types of data:
  • Attribution data: a survey to capture where a consumer initially heard about a brand.
  • Insights and action: a survey that asks for a rating to capture the customer’s experience.

With KnoCommerce, brands can leverage data to drive additional, tailored questions and turn insights into action.

For example, if a customer indicates that they had a poor customer experience, the brand could ask, “What could’ve we done better?” Then, that data can be pushed from KnoCommerce to Klaviyo for a triggered, automated email flow.

Once brands ask the initial and more straightforward questions, Jeremiah recommends diving into additional questions that speak to the multi-faceted layers of the customer journey—helping provide more context around customer discovery and the motivation behind a customer purchase.

Unlike some tools, surveys offer the unique opportunity to dive into personalization.

For instance, following checkout, a pet brand might ask a customer for the name of their pet and his or her birthday. Then, that data can be pushed straight to Klaviyo for an email flow built around personalized pet birthday messages (and possibly discounts).

That’s one example of how a survey can make the customer experience feel a little more personal and elegant—at least on the user experience side.