With Postscript, drive conversations and conversions across all stages of the customer journey. Whether 1:1 or at scale, Postscript assures your texts are customized, conversational, and compliant.



What is Postscript?

Use SMS Marketing to grow your list, develop your message strategy, deliver customer service, and drive purchases. SMS Sales pairs a team of expertly-trained sales associates with purpose-built SMS Sales software to engage with your subscribers and convert more of them into satisfied customers.

Why Use Postscript for SMS Marketing?

At Postscript, we view SMS as a two-way communication channel—one where you can encourage subscriber interaction and focus on building personalized, carefully nurtured relationships. We take a long-term approach to SMS, one that prioritizes a subscriber's lifetime value (SLTV) over short-term metrics like revenue or ROI.

The goal of SMS marketing is to build your subscriber base and engage and retain customers, and Postscript seeks to enable brands to do this effectively through targeted, intentional, and personalized messaging.

We’re talking about the kind of texts that, when a subscriber receives them, it feels like the message was written specifically for them.

How to Install from Postscript Website

  1. Enter your Shopify domain on the Postscript website, then select Start Free Trial.
  2. If you're already logged into your Shopify store, you'll go directly to the Add App page. Otherwise, you may be prompted to log into your store.
  3. Select the green Add Sales Channel button in the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. Shopify will reroute you to Postscript's Sales Channel landing page in your Shopify admin. Select the green Create Your Postscript Account button.
  5. Shopify will direct you straight to your Postscript dashboard, where your Postscript Onboarding wizard will launch.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete your Postscript setup.