Rebuy unlocks the power of personalization by combining proprietary AI/ML technology with modern (no-code, low-code, and custom code) software, industry-leading integrations, fully-customizable merchandising rules and A/B/n testing.



What is Rebuy?

Rebuy is great for large SKU count stores that have some existing sales and need to increase their Average Order Value. Works fine with merchants using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and/or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) or other headless commerce solutions. And yes, Rebuy supports multi-variant products in their upsell sequences. You can select the size, color, etc., from the widget.

What makes Rebuy different than competitors?

There are a lot of personalization tools out there, but not all of them are really working well with widgets designed to increase Average Order Value (AOV). (According to them) They have the most widget types for personalization. I especially like their cart fly-out personalization widget that recommends products right after you hit the “add to cart” button (which is proven to be the best time to offer an upsell/cross-sell).

For Shopify Plus brands, you can create a two click upsell tool in the checkout, super slick.

What metrics is Rebuy going to improve for my E-commerce store?

Rebuy is directly impacting Average Order Value (AOV) by making better product suggestions than your native Shopify “related” feature, as well as adding additional places to upsell.

They also have their reorder tools which help increase your repeat purchase rate and LifeTime Value (LTV).