Skio helps brands sell subscriptions without ripping their hair out.



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What is Skio?

See brands using Skio on our website. Investors (which can also be seen on our website) include Y Combinator, Adjacent, Jason Wong, Shaan Puri, Julian Shapiro, Geoff Woo, & Sahil Bloom, as well as founders and executives of companies like Italic, Magic Mind, Immi, Bev,, Okendo, Wonderment, Archive, Parker, HVMN, & MuteSix.

Why choose Skio?

Their subscription app provides brands with the flexibility to customize and edit subscriptions at scale – that’s right, no more needing to edit each individual product subscription!1) Allows your customers to use the native Shopify checkout, removing the need to use an external checkout page and disrupting your purchasing experience. 2) Passwords? Skio said, “what’s that?” – They removed the bottleneck of your customers having to log in to edit their subscriptions with a password. They’ve gone passwordless. 3) An analytics dashboard that’s easy to understand, manipulate, and make informed data-driven optimizations for your online store.