Tag products to your videos to make it easy for followers to discover, shop, and buy.



What is Youtube?

Reaching millions and making them buy is not a ‘little’ deal. However, the latest trend, YouTube Shopify Integration appears to shape the growth marketing world.

Benefits Of Connecting YouTube To Shopify

  • Visibility: You can feature products directly beneath videos, on end screens, and elsewhere across YouTube.
  • Automation: Your product catalog syncs automatically with YouTube. The updates will apply to your channel when you add or remove products to Shopify.
  • Additional features: Get access to YouTube Shopping features such as live shopping.
  • On-site checkout: Viewers can buy your products without leaving YouTube.
  • Shop tab: When channels connect their Shopify account to their YouTube channel, they’ll unlock the Store tab, which serves as a digital storefront.

On-site checkout is currently available to channels in the US only.

How To Connect Your YouTube Channel To Shopify

YouTube is introducing an easy way to link Shopify stores with channels, which allows content creators and businesses to feature their products across YouTube.

This launch makes it possible for eligible channels to showcase their merchandise and products, which viewers can buy without leaving YouTube.

This differs from previous integrations as viewers can purchase directly on YouTube rather than visiting an external link.

All channels that meet the following criteria are eligible to connect their Shopify store to YouTube:

  • Channel is approved for monetization
  • Creator is based in an eligible country/region
  • Channel has 10,000 subscribers or is an official artist channel
  • Channel’s audience is not set as ‘made for kids’
  • Channel doesn’t violate YouTube’s monetization policies