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The New York Crown Affair: A Hair Transformation.
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Crown Affair is a New York based company that is revolutionizing the hair care industry. The brand's mission is to redefine the relationship between you and your hair through its products, guidance, and community...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers with Crown Affair

Crown Affair is a company dedicated to providing the best in hair accessories, hair care, shampoo and conditioner...


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Crown Affair is a New York based company that is revolutionizing the hair care industry. The brand's mission is to redefine the relationship between you and your hair through its products, guidance, and community. Through clean ingredients and effective formulations, Crown Affair provides high-quality hair care products that make all of your styling dreams come true.

Quality Products for a Quality Look

At Crown Affair, quality and sustainability are top priorities when it comes to product development. All of their products are made from clean ingredients that are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and other synthetic materials. Furthermore, their formulas are designed with targeted benefits like moisture retention and scalp nourishment in mind. Crown Affair offers an extensive range of products such as shampoos and conditioners, leave-in conditioners, styling creams and gels, mousses and serums to help you craft the perfect look.

Community Support at Every Step

In addition to providing high-quality products for all types of hair textures, styles and colors, Crown Affair also offers helpful tips on how to use their products for best results. From selecting the right shampoo for every wash day to creating flattering hairstyles for any occasion - they have it all covered! Moreover, their website also features a community page where customers can share their experiences with different products as well as get advice from experienced stylists on how to perfect their looks.

Get Started Today!

If you're looking for high-quality hair care solutions that don't compromise on performance or sustainability then Crown Affair is here for you. Their complete range of shampoos and conditioners along with other styling products will give your tresses the love they deserve while making sure you look your best! So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards beautiful locks today by shopping at Crown Affair!

Crown Affair

Crown Affair Unlocks Ecommerce Success with Disco

Crown Affair, an ecommerce brand in the shampoo and conditioner space, has found success utilizing a technology called Disco for Brand Partnerships. This machine learning platform helps Crown Affair uncover high-intent shoppers on paid channels that can be targeted more efficiently. By providing actionable insights into customer behavior, Crown Affair is able to identify ideal customers and forge meaningful partnerships that increase their ecommerce revenue. With the help of Disco’s network, Crown Affair continues to benefit from lower cost per acquisition (CPAs) while achieving collective growth alongside other consumer brands.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue: Crown Affair and MinMaxify

Crown Affair is an ecommerce brand that knows how to stay ahead of the game. With their cutting edge technology, Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify, they are able to increase their shampoo and conditioner revenue with ease. This tech allows them to easily set minimum and maximum product and cart limits for orders in a variety of ways. From total dollar value on a single order, to number of items within a group – no matter what kind of products you’re selling or your customer base, this tech helps you maximize profits while keeping customers satisfied. Try it out now and see just how much money Crown Affair can help bring into your business!

Crown Affair: Increase Profits with Ecommerce Technology

Crown Affair, an ecommerce website that specializes in shampoo and conditioner products, is using the latest technology to increase their profits. The brand has implemented Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing, a powerful marketing tool used in conversion optimization. This innovative software allows Crown Affair to track referrals by link/QR code, coupon codes, emails, SKUs, customer tags or any combination of those. It can be easily set up within minutes without requiring any technical knowledge and is highly customizable according to the user’s requirements. Additionally, the support team helps with solving issues as well as implementing custom requests. With this cutting edge technology helping to drive more sales for Crown Affair's product line of shampoos and conditioners online, they are sure to experience increased success in their business endeavors!

Crown Affair Revamps Ecommerce Revenue with Shopify's Best Technology

As an ecommerce brand, Crown Affair is always looking for the best ways to increase its revenue in the hair care space. To do this, they have adopted Loop Returns & Exchanges – a technology within the store management category that helps improve their returns experience and drive customer lifetime value. By automating more than 22 million returns as well as retaining more than $700 million in revenue from some of Shopify's most beloved brands such as Allbirds, Crown Affair has seen significant success in optimizing their ecommerce sales process. With this powerful tool, they are able to provide customers with an easy and convenient return process while increasing their own profits at the same time.

The Secret to Crown Affair's Ecommerce Success: Heatmaps Replay

Crown Affair, the leading ecommerce brand in the shampoo and conditioner space, has seen their revenue skyrocket thanks to their use of a powerful technology called Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay. This store management tool helps provide deep insight into what customers are doing on their website so that Crown Affair can optimize the customer experience for increased conversions. With heatmaps, visitor recordings, chat, announcements, surveys and more, this revolutionary conversion rate optimization system is transforming how online stores operate – and it’s paying off handsomely for Crown Affair!

Crown Affair: Leveraging Technology to Increase Revenue

Crown Affair, an ecommerce brand specializing in hair accessories, is taking advantage of the latest technology to increase revenue. By utilizing Product Reviews & UGC (User Generated Content), Crown Affair is able to gain valuable customer feedback and boost sales. Through TrustSpot's easy-to-use app, Crown Affair can collect, curate and display product reviews from actual customers on their website as well as utilize these reviews for marketing purposes. This has enabled them to build trust with potential customers which inevitably leads to increased sales. With the help of this innovative technology, Crown Affair is sure to reach new heights in terms of revenue growth!

Crown Affair Boosts Ecommerce Sales with Store Locator Tech

By leveraging Stockist's store locator technology, Crown Affair has been able to increase their ecommerce revenue in the hair accessories space. This innovative tool makes it simple for customers to search and find stores that carry Crown Affair products. The thoughtfully designed store locator helps reduce customer inquiries and builds trust in the brand. Plus, insightful search options allow shoppers to quickly locate nearby stores or retailers/dealers offering specific items from the collection. With this new tech, Crown Affair is now able to take its online sales game to a whole new level!

Crown Affair Wins Hair Care Race with Zendesk

At Crown Affair, the goal is to provide top-notch customer service and satisfaction while offering an exceptional hair care product. To ensure this happens, they've implemented a technology called Zendesk that allows their store managers to increase their ecommerce revenue in the hair care space. With Zendesk Support and Chat, agents have access to all of the information needed for replying quickly and accurately to customers' inquiries without having to leave the conversation. This lets them focus on building relationships with clients, developing loyalty, and resolving issues faster than ever before. Thanks to Zendesk's powerful features, Crown Affair has seen an uptick in ecommerce revenue from its successful line of hair care products.